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Arachnoid Tissue Sample

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From the Story Arc "The Arachnoid Cure" given by Terrence Dobbs .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

This is an Arachnoid tissue sample you found in a makeshift laboratory. You picked up up as a reminder of a tale you like to call:

The Arachnoid Cure

It all started when you did a job for Terrence Dobbs clearing out an Arachnoid nest. The Arachnoids were a lot more organized than normal, having taken out a previous Arachnos assault squad and using ambush tactics. Deep in their lair you found a tattered note from someone named Biff telling that a cure was coming soon and to hold out as long as they could. Biff was being protected by someone named Slicer-Dicer. Dobbs didn't like this situation one bit!

Dobbs did a bit of asking around and found out that Slicer-Dicer was a Freakshow gang leader out of St. Martial. You invaded the Freakshow hideout and found a lab containing Freakshow parts, Arachnoid samples and research papers. Apparently, Biff was working on a way to cure the Arachoid condition so they might become human again! Dobbs didn't like this news either, since no Arachnoids meant no exorbitant pest control pricing!

Dobbs sent you to take care of Biff once and for all! You headed into the tunnels where Biff was talking with his Arachnoid allies to discover that Biff himself was an Arachnoid! In the end he pleaded with you to let him go, saying he would make it worth your while... and you did what you thought was best!

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