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Area of Effect

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Area of Effect

  1. Often abbreviated AoE: An area affected by the use of a power. An Area of Effect power affects all characters and/or enemies in a specific geographic area, as opposed to a single character and/or enemy. This includes Targeted AoEs that employ a targeted entity to affect others around them (such as M30 Grenade from Assault Rifle or Power of the Phoenix from Thermal Radiation), Location AoEs that focus on a targeted spot (such as Tar Patch from Dark Miasma or Spirit Tree from Plant Control), and Point Blank AoEs that use the caster of the power as the center of the Area of Effect (such as Steamy Mist from Storm Summoning or Nova from Energy Blast).
  2. A power that has an Area of Effect.


Area of Effect

  1. Subject to an Area of Effect

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