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An Old Kang Family Photo

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From the Story Arc "Sacrifices Must Be Made" given by Interrogator Kang.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

An Old Kang Family Photo

Interrogator Kang gave you a photo of himself and his daughter, Anna. It's hard to see that the young girl in the picture is now a Seer, working to keep Praetoria safe. Kang gave you the photo to remind you that in order to keep Praetoria safe:

Sacrifices Must Be Made

It all started when Interrogator Kang asked for your help in tracking down a notorious murderer that the media dubbed "Cutter Cain". The murderer had been killing Seers for weeks and somehow managed to avoid detection. But his luck ran out when the Seers detected the thoughts of an apparent accomplice of his as they grabbed another Seer. You stormed their hideout and arrested a gathering of Resistance and Syndicate members. Unfortunately, the Seer they'd taken had already been killed.

The bust wasn't a total wash. You found some Pharmatek Global medical equipment in the hideout and learned that Cutter Cain used a device to mask himself from the Seers. Kang informed you that such devices are known as Limbo Devices, and that Pharmatek Global is registered to have such a device. You visited Pharmatek Global to see if the device was still in their possession. You discovered that not only was the device no longer there, but that the Syndicate apparently had stake in the facility. You learned from the Syndicate leader, Maxine, that she gave Cain the Limbo Device in exchange for Cain freeing her sister, Emma. Emma was in bad shape, however, after being removed from the Seer Network, so you escorted her out, fighting Syndicate security teams as you did so.

Kang learned from Emma that Cain's hideout was somewhere down in the tunnels. Before you could go searching, however, Kang learned that the Seers had detected the Limbo Device being activated in Logos. You hunted the back alleys of Logos searching for the device and found it stashed inside of a dumpster. After deactivating it the Seers pinpointed Cain's location and directed you after him. Cain fled into the tunnels where the Resistance tried to stop you. Eventually you cornered Cain and realized that he was really Dr. Steffard, one of Praetoria City's most astounding neuroscientists. With him he had a handful of former Seers that he had removed from the Seer Network and they didn't want to go back. You apprehended Steffard and the Seers, bringing them into custody. It was then that you learned that Kang's own daughter, Anna, was one of the Seers who Steffard had freed from the Network. It was then that you truly understood what Kang meant when he said, 'We all have to make sacrifices. Some simply have more to sacrifice than others'.

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