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Altered Arachnoid DNA

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From the Story Arc "Building a Better Vermin" given by Terrence Dobbs.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-45.

Souvenir's Text

This is a sample of altered Arachnoid DNA that Crey Industries was fooling around with in a tale you like to call:

Building a Better Vermin

It all started when Terrence Dobbs asked you to help cull some of the Arachnoid population down in the Gutter of Grandville. Dobbs thanked you for your assistance, but commented on how he wished he had a better weapon for dealing with Arachnoids.

Dobbs heard from one of his contacts that Crey was working on some bio-weapons at one of their labs in Cap au Diable, and wanted you to break in and see if you could find anything to use against the Arachnoids. You found a weapon alright, along with indications that Crey was doing extensive research on Arachnoids!

Dobbs wanted to find out more, and sent you to investigate some caves under St. Martial where Crey supposedly was conducting field tests. You found a number of Crey there in some Arachnoid tunnels, as well as a tagged Arachnoid marked as a research subject!

Dobbs sent you to check out the Crey office nearby the Arachnoid tunnels found on St. Martial. There, you found research files detailing how Crey was developing Arachnoid countermeasures to deal with any Arachnos-controlled threat, as well as developing a new strain of Arachnoids which Crey could use as shock troops!

Dobbs felt he was in over his head, and so decided to turn matters over to Arachnos. He got you take all the evidence to Arbiter Daos, who decided to enact protocols to shut down the Crey Arachnoid research operations.

Arbiter Daos sent you to the main Crey research facility in Paragon City to deal with the Crey scientist responsible for the Arachnoid research project and destroy their main database. Having dealt with the Crey threat to Arachnos security, Arbiter Daos gave you his thanks.

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