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A letter from Poughkeepsie

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From the Story Arc "High Roller's Last Gamble" given by Slot Machine.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

This letter arrived for you anonymously several days ago. There's no name for it, but the postmark says it's from Poughkeepsie, NY. The moment you open it, you realize who it's from, and recall the exploit you remember as:

High Roller's Last Gamble

'Hey, pal!

You'll have to excuse me if I don't use your name. Now that I'm outside the game, I gotta watch out for stuff that connects my new identity to my old one.

So, I've gone legit. I made it back to the 'States with no more hare-brained schemes to get me new powers on the way. I'm living with my sister's family until I get some money saved up. I got that job as a shop teacher, too. I just got started, and it's going pretty good. While I may not be able to build a death-ray right, I'm still pretty handy with a drill-press. Oh, and heres the craziest thing: So there I was getting shown around the campus by the principal, and I walk into the science class, and bam! Right there at the blackboard is one of my old arch-enemies! Well, he's 'Mr. Simmons' now. We had some laughs about that over lunch. Turns out he's mentoring one of his students who's invented some kind of 'Time Serum', and that kid doesn't get along with one of my students who told me he's been trying to build a battle-suit. It should be fun.

Hey, 'Mr. Simmons' told me something. You remember I told you about my big shot? With the intelligent Slot Machines? Well, 'Mr. Simmons' told me that they never got all of them because a couple of the things had been stolen in transit by some Arachnos-backed pirates. So, keep an eye out, there may be one still working out on the Rogue Isles somewhere.

Anyway, I got to get my lesson plan ready for next week. So, thanks for all the help. And remember, don't let any of them take away what's yours.


Curiously, the Slot Machine has been quiet ever since.

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