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A Photo of Penny

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From the Story Arc "One Weakness" given by Chance McKnight.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

A Photo of Penny

Mr. Wu Yin, the CEO of global mega-corporation Yin Corp, gave you this picture of his daughter, Penelope Yin. Whenever you look at her smiling face you can't help but smile and think that a doting daughter is any father's:

One Weakness

You remember the moment well, finding Mr. Wu Yin giving a victory speech to the surviving Syndicate over the Yin Corp tower's internal sound system. Tub Ci Tang informed Yin of your arrival, and then the two of them explained their plan to join the Resistance in order to rescue his daughter, Penelope, from Praetor Tilman's Seer program. It was here that you were faced with a choice: If you arrested Yin it would cause the Syndicate to break up once more, flooding the streets of Imperial City with violence. But if you let Mr. Yin carry out his plan to join forces with the Resistance, then you would validate all of the vicious atrocities that he and his organization have inflicted upon Praetoria City and the world.

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