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A Map of Nictus Earth

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From the Story Arc "The Nictus Insurrection" given by Sunstorm to Peacebringers and Shadowstar to Warshades.

This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-45.

Souvenir's Text

A Map of Nictus Earth

This 70 year old map shows the Nictus's plans to change Earth into a new homeworld for their kind. You keep it now as a reminder of

The Nictus Insurrection

It began when observers noticed a frenzy of activity within the Council. Now that the Center had learned of Arakhn and Requiem's plans, the Nictus had moved them forward, and rumors of an underground civil war within the Council were surfacing everywhere. You recovered confirmation of the growing battle from a Council base. Both Vandal and Nosferatu had joined with the Nictus out of loyalty to Requiem, and the Center's troops were already sorely pressed. Even if it meant leaving the Center in power, you knew that the Nictus could not be allowed to take over control of the Council.

You already had evidence proving that Arakhn and Requiem planned to either kill or convert both Vandal and Nosferatu once they had cemented their control over the Council. The trick would be to get it where they could find it. You infiltrated a Council base under attack by Vandal's machines and planted the information. You learned soon afterwards that Vandal and his robots had switched sides, and were now working with the Center against the Nictus insurrection.

Before you could plant the evidence for Nosferatu, the Nictus made a bold counter-move by taking an office building hostage and demanding that you return the evidence. You met them head on and defused the situation instead of buckling in to their demands.

You next planted the evidence of the Nictus's planned betrayal for Nosferatu. Strangely, he didn't defect afterwards. Had the evidence been intercepted by one of Arakhn's agents?

You next received a letter from Nosferatu himself. It seems that he was sort of interested in becoming a Nictus, but was willing to change sides if you could defeat him in a fight. Afterwards, Nosferatu was true to his word. Though it stung to let him go free, he switched his support immediately. He also told you about a place where the Nictus kept many of their secrets.

You entered an old cavern where Galaxy troops guarded a map of the world. The secret map, over 70 years old, laid out Arakhn and Requiem's true plan: to use their forces to create a total Nictus dominion on Earth. A new Nictus homeworld under their control. Though you were able to put an end to their plans for now, you can only wonder what lengths they'll go to now to achieve their dire goals.

The final battle is coming. You were encouraged to increase your power to unheard of levels to face it, and asked to return when you were at least level 45.

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