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A Glimpse into Eternity

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From the Story Arc "Where Even Death May Die" given by Montague Castanella.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 29-39.

Souvenir's Text

A Glimpse into Eternity

When it is very late, and the air has grown still and silent, your thoughts drift to a glimpse of what eternity has in store for us all during your visit to the timeless place called Night Ward;

Where Even Death May Die

It all began when you agreed to help the undying souls of the Midnighters understand what had happened to them after Percy Winkley betrayed them. But in order to do that, first you needed to understand how and why the magic of the mansion had become the Animus Arcana. According to Montague's theory; the realm of Night Ward, in conjunction with Percy's death, was to blame for the malign magic. Delving into the magical vault hidden within the Midnight Mansion, you were sent to secure an ancient manuscript known as Tremaine's Manual of the Dead.

The Manual promised to reveal a great deal of information, but Montague needed time to scour its ancient pages. In the meantime, he urged you to use whatever means necessary to locate the soul of Percy Winkley before the Drudges had processed him and sent him to the appropriate afterlife. The Drudges, unwilling to speak to you on account of being an outsider, put up a mean fight, but ultimately you forced one of their Taskmasters to give you access to Percy's records.

Discovering that Percy, along with thousands of other souls, were stuck waiting for transit to the next world, you hatched a plan to break him out of the cycle of life and death which was rapidly grinding to a halt as Night Ward pulled the Netherworld further and further into the world of the living. The Drudges did not take kindly to this disorder and did all they could but it just wasn't enough to stop you from completing your rescue mission. Ultimately, you struck a bargain with a Drudge Taskmaster by the name of Carlyle. In exchange for fixing Night Ward, Carlyle gave you Percy's soul.

With Percy's soul free of the influence of the Drudges now all he needed was to be rejoined with his physical remains. You journeyed back to the ritual place where Percy sacrificed himself to save Diabolique in order to recover those remains. What you found, however, were the Talons of Vengeance, and working along side them were the reanimated armor and remains of Percy, and they had no intention of returning to the way things were! You forced the armor to submit and brought Percy's remains back to the Midnight Mansion so a ritual could be completed in order for Percy to rejoin the Midnighters who he had once betrayed. When Percy's soul and body were reunited, however, the stain of evil on his soul wanted nothing more than to enslave the Midnighters once more. A combat ensued and in the end, you came out the winner. Together, with the rest of the Midnighters, it was decided that the next step would be to restore the Midnight Mansion's protective wards. Tremaine's Manual of the Dead revealed that the Night Ward is a dimensional abomination that threatened not only to destroy the boundaries between the living and the dead, but also to create a realm where the living cannot live, and a place where even death may die.

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