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A Class Syllabus (Failure)

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From the Story Arc "Miss Francine the Freakshow teacher" given by Westin Phipps.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Please note that this souvenir is for failing the story arc. Please see "A Class Syllabus" for the successful version.

Souvenir's Text

This brand-new class syllabus in an unmarked package for you from Paragon City. It lists reading material and subjects to be covered in the following year for the students of:

Miss Francine the Freakshow teacher

It all started when Westin Phipps, the crooked proprietor of Haven House, had a problem. It seems that members of the Freakshow had changed from all-destroying party machines into altruistic bandits, robbing from Arachnos to give to the poor of Rogue Isles. Phipps asked you to put a stop to it. You barged in when the Freaks were sacking an Arachnos warehouse, and took them down. You also found clues to the source of the problem: A school teacher named Miss Francine Primm.

Westin Phipps used his connections with the poor and downtrodden people of the isles, betraying their trust to find out where Miss Francine would be. Armed with that information you moved in to capture her. Along the way, you found out that she had received some aid from Longbow. It seems that Paragon's undercover law enforcement division had discovered that some of Miss Francine's students used to hang out with Weaver-1, the genius engineer who had designed much of Arachnos' technology. But your job was to catch Francine Primm, so you just filed that away for later.

It was only a little later that Phipps learned that the heroes Luminary and Blue Steel had broken Francine Primm out of Arachnos detention. Using his sources, he pin-pointed her at an underwater Longbow base, and sent you in to bring her back to Arachnos captivity. Blue Steel was already back in Paragon City, so you just had to fight past Longbow Soldiers, Miss Francine's remaining Freakshow students, and Luminary herself to bring the hapless school teacher in. And you failed. Surprisingly, Westin Phipps didn't seem that upset. Francine Primm wasn't his problem anymore, and he could go back to doing what he loved best: crushing the hopes of the downtrodden

The new syllabus came in the mail a little later. Looks like Francine Primm started teaching again, this time in Paragon City. They say that miracles can happen every day, so who knows? Maybe this time there won't be someone like you to crush that dream. You meant to throw it away, but something stopped you. It was a short note written on the back in a formal, but girlish hand: "It's never too late", is all it said. And as you read and re-read those four words, you understood what Arachnos was so afraid of. It's never too late.

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