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50% XP Booster

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Activating this power will give you, and one chosen ally, a +50% Experience Point gain for 1 hour. This power cannot be activated if any XP Booster is currently active.

Note: From time to time, versions that last for 4 and 8 hours are also available.

How to Get

This temporary power can be purchased on the Paragon Market. It is a Character Item, which can only be claimed once by one character on the account. It activates immediately upon claiming.

Power Summary

Charges 1 charge
Duration 60 minutes
Effects +50% XP while active

Paragon Market Information


  • Increases XP Gain by 50% for one hour of in-game time
  • The 50% XP Booster (1 hour) increases XP Gain by 50% for one hour of in-game time. Activating the 50% XP Booster also grants a 50% XP Boost Temporary Power that can be cast on an ally (that lasts for one hour of in-game time). NOTE: Once activated, an XP Booster cannot be turned off. Multiple versions of an XP Booster may not be used at the same time. It has no benefits for characters who have XP Disabled or are at Level 50. This has NO effect on Incarnate XP Gain.


A one-hour 50% XP Booster is always available in the Market. From time to time, the 4- and 8-hour boosters have been available during sales and special events. Please check the Paragon Market in-game for current pricing. When introduced, pricing was as follows:

  • 50% XP Booster (1 Hour) 240pp

When available:

  • 50% XP Booster (4 Hours) 420pp
  • 50% XP Booster (8 Hours) 960pp


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