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'Vote for Wenkler!' button

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From the Story Arc "Fat Cat City" given by Basse Croupier to villains.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35 - 39.

Souvenir's Text

This large pin-on button reminds you of the time you met Paragon City's Councilman Wenkler. It was a little escapade you like to remember as:

Fat Cat City

Basse Croupier is one of Johnny Sonata's confidants, a former rival crooner with a ruined career whose loyalty Johnny bought for the price of a decent job at the Golden Giza. So when you heard from him that there was a matter Johnny wanted you in particular to know about, you asked to know more. Turns out this was about a certain corrupt politician from Paragon City called Councilman Wenkler. He'd been stirring up a lot of trouble for Johnny and the Giza, then flying out to the Rogue Isles under an assumed name to live it up. Unfortunately for him, his antics had finally crossed the line, and Johnny wanted someone capable to get blackmail material on Wenkler. It proved easy enough to do. You stole some compromising photos showing the Councilman cavorting with the Carnival of Shadows, and passed them on to Basse for your pay.

Johnny wanted more blackmail material, and you were happy to oblige. Seems the Councilman had been selling heroes secrets to Arachnos to pay his gambling debts. You stole evidence of his double dealing from Arachnos, and let Johnny smooth things over.

Councilman Wenkler realized that someone was gathering evidence against him, and tried to flee St. Martial under Longbow guard. You put a stop to that and delivered him into Johnny Sonata's hands. Johnny turned the whole thing into a big photo-op before returning Wenkler to the mainland safe, sound, and thoroughly intimidated. Basse told you that he'd given high praise for your work to Johnny. That might help to get you somewhere.

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