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Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Snow Globe.
CoX Game Icon.png This user plays both City of Heroes and Villains on the Triumph server.
Archetypeicon controller.png This user's main hero is a Controller.

Total Altaholic.gif This user suffers from Altitis and possibly Altsheimers as well. Fortunately for this user, neglect of player characters is not a crime… yet.
Badge vr months 084.png This user is a Loyal Customer.
TO Training Attack Rate.png This user's time zone is Pacific Time.
CITGlycerine.png This user is also located at City Info Tracker.
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Real Life

In real life I am a web designer.

I've been involved with computers since 1982. In addition to being a freelance web designer, I specialize in programming and hardware tech support.

CoH Forums

I use the handle of Snow Globe on the Official forums. You'll find me active in the badge section, player questions, and I was the Editor in Chief at The City Scoop from Jan 1st 2008 to Jan 1st, 2010.

Level 50 Characters

u745.png u727.png u877.png u878.png u879.png u1714.png u74455.png u8063.png


Titan Tracker character list


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