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Hi, folks! Japan-based new guy Hotaru here, hoping to pitch in a little to the wiki. I'm completely new to the wiki scene, with my edits here being the first to any wiki ever. So, kindly bear with me as I learn the ropes. I've got a ton of info saved on low level Hero/Vigilante/Villain/Rogue alignment and morality missions, so I'll be adding to those while I learn. Pardon the mess.

COH-wise, I started following the development of the game in late '02, beta-ed both COH and COV, and was an active subscriber for almost the entire run of the game. I have a few gigs of demo recordings spanning the life of COH that I hope to have hosted eventually, and perhaps linked to appropriate articles should that be desired.

Re: Lowbie alignment missions

Yeah, the wiki style can take a while to get used to, though it seems each editor has slightly different styles of editing. I think as long as everything appears generally consistent, it's OK? The template pages also help, like Template:Named, Template:Mission_Objective, Template:Color, though I don't always use the templates fully either. ~ Scorpius 10:12, 16 December 2012 (UTC)Scorpius