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Trapdoor is a Special Boss belonging to the Independent faction.

Later on, his faction is Wannabe Incarnate.

Villains can find him in the following missions:

Heroes and Villains can find him in the following mission as an Elite Boss:


Take down Trapdoor from Operative Grillo: Trapdoor is an escapee from an Arachnos laboratory. Trapdoor possesses teleport capabilities and so is difficult to take down.

Track down Trapdoor from Mender Ramiel: Since Trapdoor's escape from Arachnos, he has made an alliance with the Council to find ways to improve his nascent Incarnate abilities. One new trick he's picked up is the ability to teleport himself to multiple places at once, bifurcating his body to recuperate from enemy attacks.


During Take down Trapdoor (1):

Combat start: You better watch out! I got me some awesome powers!
Defeated: So long, sucker! Trapdoor is out of here!

During Tale down Trapdoor (2):

Combat start: It's you again? What did we learn from last time?
Defeated: What? Can't... Teleport... Arrrgh!

During Track down Trapdoor:

Before combat: Just need to figure out... why this isn't working... it's SUPPOSED to work... come on!
Combat start: Y-you! I see that look, you know what this artifact is! Stay away!
75% health: I didn't escape from Arachnos just to be beaten here, not by you!
50% health: I have the powers of an Incarnate! I won't be defeated!
25% health: H-hold on... please... please have mercy!

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