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The Trash Collectors

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From the Story Arc "The Trash Collectors" given by Investigator Whitworth.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

The in-game title for this souvenir is "The Trash Collectors" rather than "High Caliber Pistol."

High Caliber Pistol

You kept the high caliber pistol given to you by Investigator Whitworth during your time working with him. Turning the pistol over in your hand you think back to when you were sent in to execute a traitor in the PPD who was selling information to the Resistance. Whitworth headed up a team of investigators working within the Ministry of Information and tasked with undercovering such traitors and you were called in to lend Powers Division assistance. Together, your group was affectionately known within the Ministry as:

The Trash Collectors

You were assigned to work with Investigator Whitworth on an important case. Whitworth wasn't sure he could entrust you with all the details at first, so when you first met Sergeant Iminez during a police stand-off with Resistance terrorists in Holon Industries, you didn't know that he was being investigated for acts of treason. It wasn't until after you had neutralized the terrorists that Whitworth let you know that John Houston - the TPN investigative reporter - was sent along to ensure that Iminez and his men didn't move against you inside. That's when he let you know that Sergeant Iminez and a number of PPD officers in Imperial City were under investigation.

Taking down the Resistance group inside Holon Technologies gave Whitworth and the Ministry interrogators the information they needed to start getting solid evidence against Iminez, and not a moment too soon. The Resistance was already absconding with highly classified data from the Lodestone Technology group. Praetor Sinclair himself informed Whitworth that this data could not be allowed to fall into Resistance hands, and so you were called in to stop them. But the Lodestone raid was only the first part of a race to stop the data from being stolen. Rather than physically remove the information from the building, they were transmitting it to another location. Rushing to the Kearney-Lansing building you stopped the Resistance and their allied Syndicate hackers from escaping.

With such a close call due to Sergeant Iminez's treacherous activity, Whitworth resolved that the sergeant was too dangerous and had to be dealt with immediately. Rather than arrest him, however, he had a plan to use him to drive a wedge between the growing alliance between the Resistance and the Syndicate. Donning the guise of a Syndicate thug, you were sent in to a secret meeting between Iminez and his less than happy Resistance and Syndicate associates, with orders to eliminate the traitor. The tension was high, and when you struck, it broke. A firefight erupted as the Resistance thought they were being betrayed, and the Syndicate sought to eliminate their incompetent business partners.

Returning to Whitworth he commended you for a job well done, noting that in order to keep the streets of Praetoria City clean, someone has to pick up the trash.

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