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Scorpion's Surprise Turret

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Scorpion's Surprise Turret


Ranged, High DMG (Lethal), Knockback Foe Defense item


Based on the latest in research from Black Scorpion's labs, the X-8 Missile Launcher, better known as the Scorpion's Surprise, is one of the heaviest pieces of base defense ordnance available today. It combines heavy damage and stunning blasts into a surprising package that can rise from any floor surface.

Additional Information

  • This item only appears under the Tech Defense tab
  • Unlike other placed turrets this item remains concealed until it targets a foe during a raid or in Edit Base where a transparent version help you find where it is.
Price 1000 prestige
Unlocked by Scorpion's Surprise
Energy Consumed 500
Control Consumed 15
Crafted at Not Crafted
Maximum Connections 10
Allowed "Aux" Items Damage Booster, Targeting Module, Sensor Array, Energy Shield, Transformer, Auto Repair, Relay