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Badge time.png This article or section contains information on several sites that are no longer in use (some links removed due to phishing scams) since the official shutdown of City of Heroes Freedom. It is provided for historical purposes.

Official NCsoft Sites

Titan Network

  • Titan Network: (Super)Powering the Community
    • Mid's Hero Designer. Download-able program. Database is kept current. Includes Invention sets for enhancements, and takes those bonuses into account when calculating buffs.
    • SuckerPunch's Online Build Planner, Cross-browser/OS online build planner. (Out of date)
    • CoHFaces, Behind the Mask - Share real pics of yourself!
    • City Info Tracker, replaces City Game Tracker and City Info Terminal. Integrates with Sentinel and HeroStats.
    • Red Tomax, with extensive information on missions, powers, and much more.

Other Fan Sites

If you want your site listed here, please edit this page and add it in!

NOTE: These sites are subject to verification and periodic review and may be removed if deemed inactive or inappropriate.

  • Aura y Capa Spanish Fansite and community nexus. Updated daily, all info translated into local language. Includes everything a spanish player could need!
  • The Battlerock X Chronicles, dedicated to various news, events, and stories of City of Heroes characters as well as the home for the infrequent fan-based comic series "Tales from Paragon City".
  • The Cape Radio, getting your groove on while stomping bad guys.
  • City of Comic Creators, a group of fan-based comic creators who also publish the "City of Comic Creators Compendium".
  • City of Heroes Site Reconstruction, a website dedicated to recreating the official City of Heroes website before it was shut down.
  • COH Writer's Guild, The Offical City of Heroes site can't publish all the fan fiction and art they receive. But we will! If you want the rest of the CoH universe to read and see your stuff send it to us and it will be posted -no charge!
  • "Guardians of the Dawn", the official website of the fan-based comic series "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" set in the City of Heroes universe with special appearances by various in-game characters.
  • Mentor Project, Experienced volunteers assisting new players in game where they can most benefit from it.
  • Radio Paragon, Fully Slotted for Awesome! - Radio Station serving multiple game servers.

Game Utilities

  • Map Patches replace many in-game maps of city zones and missions with informational icons and text.
  • Badge Tracking. Manually or automatically enter badges, see which ones you're missing, compare with other players who also use these sites.
  • Utility that tracks in-game statistics and that is capable of showing buff timers. Was used to update badge stats on both City Info Tracker and Badge-Hunter.
  • Utility that can update badges on CIT, and also export character builds directly from the game for use in Mids' Hero Designer:
  • Character builder/designer/planners. Create and save character builds, and share with others through "data blocks" or "data links".
  • PiggViewer, an application that allows extraction of game client files.
  • Game Extractor, a Java application that allows extraction of game client files.

Super/Villain Group Sites

NOTE: These sites are subject to verification and periodic review and may be removed if deemed inactive or inappropriate.
Many sites may be deprecated; please click at your own risk. All GuildPortal links have been removed due to those links now redirecting to phishing scams.

Arachnos Elite
- Strength Through Undying Loyalty - One of the very first Arachnos based villain groups, formed on day one of the CoV headstart. Roleplaying, on Virtue Server
The Danger Rangers
- Go Go Danger Rangers!! - One of City's oldest running Sentai themed Supergroup... Born in the Victory"verse" over 5 years ago, then discovered in the Virtue"verse" on the summer of 2008 and now recently on Exalted.
The Defenders of Paragon
on Infinity; mature, no drama, fun times, period.
Fallen Legion
One of the largest and most active VGs on the Victory server.
The Freedom Legion
A very active SuperGroup on the Guardian server. Within our 1st year, Dec 8th 2009-Dec 8th 2010, we climbed into the Top50. We have a fully functional base, great members, good Coalitions, our own Vent server, own SG site, we team up on a daily basis, +20 members online per day and lots of PvP & PvE events. Founder and Leader Dark Energon, @Dark Energon.
Legion of Catgirls
A feminine, feline SG on several servers.
Legion of Valor
One of the largest and most active SGs on the Victory server.
Zero Tolerance
Small top 5 ranked villain group on Justice created October 29, 2005. Thrives on teamwork and dedication.

Friend Sites

  • Web browsers
  • Support the Electronic Frontier Foundation, defending your digital rights
  • Image editors
    • The Gimp, a powerful and 100% free image editor.
    • Paint.NET, a 'clone' of MSPAINT built on the .NET framework. Also free.
  • Text editors
    • Notepad++, a powerful open source replacement for Notepad.
    • PSPad, another free (but not open source) text editor.