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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Double XP Weekend: March 16-19

For one weekend players will double their experience points, inf, and prestige for defeating enemies, completing missions, and collecting badges that give XP. The Double XP Weekend will commence 7AM PST March 16 and end 7AM PST March 18.

Featured at the Paragon Market: Heroes and Villains Super Pack

New and featured! Super Pack #1, Heroes and Villains. Similar to a surprise present, the reward is revealed only after purchase and opening. Rewards include the new Archetype Enhancements, new Elemental Order Costume Set pieces, valuable Inspirations, Unslotters, or Boosters.

Each pack contains five random rewards, and packs can be purchased in quantities of:

Sale items:

Sales generally run for seven days (until the following Tuesday), check the Paragon Market in game for exact duration.