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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Featured at the Paragon Market

  • New! Flying Carpet travel power. You get a mystical carpet. You get to fly on it. The lamp lights only at night. No clapping needed. 600 Paragon Points.

Sale items:

Sale runs for approximately a week. See the Paragon Market in game for expiry of sale.

Welcome to 2012

The Paragon Wiki would like to wish all our readers a fantastic 2012 in game and out. Special thanks to the legion of contributors who helped document the amazing new content we saw throughout 2011.

Looking forward, we know that this is the year Statesman dies. We also know that Staff Fighting arrives soon, for Tankers, Scrappers, Brutes and Stalkers. Stalkers receive a number of improvements aimed at ensuring they remain competitive as top-end damage dealers, and to help with their early attack chain. The game world changes as Dark Astoria becomes a high level co-op trial zone, with Incarnate story arc, repeatable mission content, and level 50 to 54 NPC enemies from several villain groups.

To read more on these changes, see Arbiter Hawk's post in the official forums