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New Praetorian Plaque

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From the Story Arc "A New Dimension, A New Team" given by Provost Marchand.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-50.

Souvenir's Text

New Praetorian Plaque

You received a plaque dating the founding of the New Praetorians. You remember when you helped Provost Marchand form the supergroup in an experience you call...

A New Dimension, a New Team

Provost Marchand was looking to form the New Praetorians and had a list of people who wanted to join. You went out and recruited/rescued the members of the group - Marauder, Aurora Pena, Alec Parson, Riptide, and Pendragon. Desdemona and Noble Savage were offered positions in the group, but they were unable to join due to their commitment to the Praetorians.

Provost Marchand gathered the group for the first official meeting, which was interrupted by the Center. He revealed that the Council had staged a massive breakout from the Zig, thanks to the help of Calvin Scott and his loyal Resistance soldiers! The Center made an offer, which was that you and the New Praetorians could either stand aside and let him take over America, or try to fight him and be destroyed.

The choice of what to do next was obvious - stop the Center and Calvin Scott's plans for taking over the country!

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