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Mynx's fur

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From the Story Arc "Taming the Tigress" given by Crimson Revenant.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30 - 34.

Souvenir's Text

Mynx's Fur

After you defeated the heroine Mynx, you yanked out a hank of her fur. It's a powerful reminder of the escapade you like to call:

Taming the Tigress

It began with Crimson Revenent's contract on Mynx. In order to find out where she was operating, you took to the streets and started taking down Crey agents. Within a short while you learned that Mynx's new stomping grounds were in Primeva. And so you laid a trap for the pretty kitten. You entered a Longbow base in Primeva and took out every agent on the premesis. Before leaving, you dropped a list of targets on Crey Industries stationary. The base was the first target. You were certain Mynx would meet you at the second. Mynx fell for the trap. You tore through the second base, and before long, Mynx ambushed you. Fortunately, you were ready for her. Now her fur is not so silky, and her pretty paws are bound by Arachnos chains. The Freedom Phalanx will no doubt try to rescue her, but at least your payment is securely in hand.

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