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Memories of Another World

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From the Story Arc "The Trash Collectors" given by Investigator Whitworth.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 8-15.

Souvenir's Text

Memories of Another World

The Syndicate data courier, Blueshift, is more than a man with a cranial data storage implant, he's also a psychic. When you apprehended him during the theft of critical data from Lodestone Technologies, he apparently transferred some of the information into your mind. You aren't exactly sure how he did it, but the reason why is clear. He's trying to shake your faith in the emperor by showing you:

Memories of Another World

You obviously don't have all the information, and it's not as if you can access it like a data document, or even recall it like breakfast this morning. It's more like you are recalling a dream, only, it's somebody else's.

Sometimes, when you walk past an office building, you don't see Praetoria City reflected in the windows, you see somewhere else. It only lasts for a moment, like a daydream, and then it's gone.

Other times, you'll catch a news broadcast on TPN, and the world map will be different, delineated by archaic borders of countries both familiar and unfamiliar to you, as if Cole hadn't united the world into one people.

The implications are clear; somewhere or somewhen, another Earth has been discovered. This revelation is astounding, both in the boundless possibilities such a discovery presents, and in wondering why Emperor Cole would hide this discovery from the people. Perhaps he is worried that their faith would be shaken.

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