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MARTy stands for Metric Activated Reward Throttle (Y? Because exploits are bad!)

The primary purpose of MARTy is to automatically detect and prevent exploitative behavior by constantly analyzing the rate at which players gain rewards in game. This applies to many different rewards such as INF and Experience.

A secondary goal is to throttle only the worst offenders; those who exhibit truly exploitive behavior that ruins the game for everyone. If you trigger MARTy you are going to know that you are doing something abnormal and exploitive.


MARTy is a new anti exploit detection measure in Issue 21. The system runs entirely in the background on the game server and should have no impact on in game experience. MARTy is a server side function.

MARTy is aware of and takes into account things that augment how quickly Experience is gained such as XP Boosts or Patrol XP Benefits,.

Any one of the following circumstances would qualify as "too fast":

If a player's actions have triggered MARTy they will stop receiving rewards for a variable amount of time. Additionally, a log of the player's activity is recorded for review.

According to Zwillinger:

It is important to note that MARTy is not aimed at one specific playstyle or Mission type. The threshold at which MARTy is triggered is such that, through normal, or even aggressive, gameplay, a player should never be impacted by any penalties. We have been vigorously testing MARTy against live server and Beta server metrics and have ensured that even the most aggressive normal gameplay will not be impacted. We will, of course, continuously monitor this new anti exploit measure to ensure that it is effectively performing its task.

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