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Loyalist Health Insurance

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From the Story Arc "Organized Crusaders" given by Cleopatra.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Loyalist Health Insurance

You received a card granting you the best health insurance that a citizen in Praetoria can have - not that you necessarily need it. Looking at the card reminds you of an adventure called...

Organized Crusaders

It began when you met Cleopatra, Praetor White's girlfriend. She was trying to hunt down traitors hidden within the ranks of the PPD. She explained to you that there was an extremist group within the Resistance called 'Crusaders' and that they may have moles within the Loyalists ranks. You went into a police precinct to plant bugs on three possible suspects.

There was very quick turnaround - you found out that Officer Pell was going to meet with the Resistance at a warehouse belonging to Troy Altman. The plan was to steal various explosives meant for construction. You were able to disrupt the meeting but the Resistance had already made off with the explosives. You also found out that the Syndicate were working with the Resistance, supplying the group with weaponry. Cleopatra helped you in finding where exactly the Resistance was stowing the weapons, but again, you arrived just in time to find out that the explosives were already planted throughout the city.

You rushed through the city, disarming various bombs that the Resistance had planted, only to find out that the main Resistance plot was to bomb the Cole Memorial Hospital!

Without any time to lose, you quickly made your way to the hospital, defeating all of the Resistance and Syndicate members in the hospital and disarming all of the bombs.

The day was saved, thanks to you and Cleopatra - though TPN reported that you were working together with Praetor Sinclair to disarm the bombs. Despite the inaccuracy of the news report having Sinclair steal your thunder, the workers at the hospital were grateful for your help, giving you a free pass to come and go in the hospital as you pleased.

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