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Lore AMA

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The Lore AMA (Ask Me Anything), or "Loregasm", is a document created by Positron to answer questions City of Heroes players had about the game's story following the Sunset announcement. In the thread announcing its creation, Positron stated that anything it contains "SHOULD be considered canon when concerning anything to do with Issue 24 and previous. Anything after that is speculative and should be treated as such. We'll note in the answer if it's anything different." On September 18th, 2012, Positron posted a link to the Lore AMA as a Google Doc in a City of Heroes forums thread.

Lore AMA

The Lore AMA itself was linked in a forum post by Positron titled "Loregasm":

Balloon.png City of Heroes AMA (part 1?)

That's a link to the doc, in case these boards get shut down, and because I don't want to clean it up for our forum posting format (if someone ELSE does, feel free to pad your postcount).

Some answers are not satisfying. Some answers are made up, and that answer only exists in that doc. I tried to get everyone who was involved in the stuff at the end to answer the questions as best they could.

MM: Matt Miller (Positron) JH: John Hegner (Protean) JAH: Jeff Hamilton (Arbiter Hawk) SM: Sean McCann (Dr. Aeon) RG: Ryan Greene (Viridian) TS: Tim Sweeney (Black Scorpion)

If there is a miracle and somehow CoH is saved, we reserve the right to change any and all answers given in the doc, to maintain suspense and surprise.

The Lore AMA itself at its time of release is as follows: