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Light and Darkness

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From the Story Arc "Light and Darkness" given by Abyss.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

You agreed to help Abyss out by recovering a crate left for her by Dr. Forrester. Abyss said the crate was marked with the codeword 'Dark Matter' and even though the Council, and their Nictus Hunters, were looking for it, you found it first. It contained two Void Hunter rifles, and four power cells.

Abyss then had a list of four Kheldian targets in the Rogue Isles that needed to be eliminated. With two rifles, you agreed to split the duty and the bounty. You took out Detective Kyros and his cadre of PPD officers. Abyss dealt with her target, and warned you the next one might not be as easy.

Abyss had tracked down where Sunstorm had holed himself up, and gave you the location while she tracked down the last Kheldian. Arriving at the underwater Longbow base you found Sunstorm and put the hurt down on him with the help of the Void Hunter rifle you had. When you arrived back Abyss told you that her target had simply disappeared and thus the reward to split was going to be less than anticipated.

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