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Letter of Thanks from Dr. Aeon

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From the Story Arc "The Aeon Conspiracy" given by Brother Hammond.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 15-24

Souvenir's Text

Letter of Thanks from Dr. Aeon

This letter is addressed to you, and appears to be handwritten.

I can only assume that Lord Recluse is displeased with me, for he must be aware of the humiliation I suffer in this task. He has personally commanded me to write you a letter of thanks for your timely intervention during the attack on the Power Transfer System, and I am to wish you well in the future, regardless of...

What Schemes May Come

So thank you for stealing the XF-9 Carbon Inverter from my lab, and announcing the deed for all to hear. And thanks as well for luring my idiot lieutenants into Aeon City, so that you could assault them and gain the favor of the Luddite hordes. Thanks especially for ordering said horde to attack one of the power lines in my fair city, just so that you can rob the surrounding area blind without threat of retaliation. And lest I forget, thank you for inspiring the Luddites to attack the PTS, the heart that pumps life into all of Aeon City, and nearly awakening a subterranean beast of unimaginable power. Oh, and thank you for requiring me to pay you to undo all of the destruction you caused, humiliating me in the process.

Cordially, Doctor Thaddeus Aeon, ASQA

P.S. You may be glad to know that Lord Recluse has also barred me from retaliating against you in any way.

P.P.S. I hope that a dimensional rift spontaneously appears within your innards and you explode in a shower of gore and Rikti Monkeys.

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