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Letter from Kalinda

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From the Story Arc "Price of Friendship" given by Lt. Harris.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-7

Souvenir's Text

Letter from Kalinda

You received this letter from a fortunata named Kalinda, who apparently is one of the women behind the Destined One project that Arachnos has. You received it after you kicked Longbow out of Fort Darwin, destroying the main base for the group in Mercy. You open the letter and read it over, seeing that it is entitled...

The Price of Friendship

'Dear Destined One,

My name is Kalinda. I am in charge of overseeing those who have been deemed Destined Ones. Operative Kuzmin is in charge of ensuring your introduction to the organization of Arachnos. I wished to personally send this letter to inform you of what is to come.

Your actions with Lt. Harris were truly... villainous, to say the least. You used his desire for vengeance to help cripple Longbow. The man was a fool, really. He was infatuated with that woman, Lt. Page. She rejected him, and his intense desire to love the woman turned into intense hatred. All of her actions became tainted in his eyes, along with the rest of Longbow. He couldn't help but twist reality to match his own bitterness.

This is what we in Arachnos were counting on; the weakness of the average human being. Longbow, for all their lofty ideals and goals, could not defend themselves against this. You were easily able to use Lt. Harris to bring Longbow to their knees, striking at their weakest points, including their allies, the Legacy Chain, then by disabling the medi-porter system that they so desperately relied upon.

The final blow was quite interesting, as you helped Lt. Harris destroy the woman he once loved. I couldn't help but be fascinated with how you handled the fate of Harris in the end.

Now, Arachnos has regained control of Fort Darwin. Longbow still lingers in Mercy Island, but their morale has been shattered, thanks to you. There have been many Destined Ones in the past, but you have proven yourself to already be more cunning than most that have come through.

However, if you believe that you are now within the comforts of Arachnos, you would be wrong. The Rogue Isles is a place where only the strong survive. Many in Arachnos will consider you an enemy, someone whose death will give them great fame. They will try to hunt you down to bolster their own power, and we will let them. I assume you are not surprised by this; in fact, I believe you may not even care that you are a Destined One, or what Arachnos thinks of you. That much is fine.

Know this, Character. You have become somewhat recognized, but you are still far from your true power. There are still many chances for you to be destroyed, whether it be from the hands of Longbow or from any of the other numerous super powered beings seeking a name for themselves. I wish you luck in your endeavors, and hope that perhaps we may speak again one day, if both of us survive for that long.


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