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Last Stand on Mole Point Bravo

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From the Story Arc "Bravo for the Shadow Shard" given by Technician Naylor.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Information you'd already captured from the Nemesis Army indicate that the heroes and the Nemesis Army seemed to be fighting in a strange pocket dimension called the Shadow Shard. You struck a Portal Corp facility to find some confirmation, and forced one of their scientists to give you the information you needed.

Using the information you stole, you used Naylor's portal to cross over into a strange alternate dimension at a base called 'Mole Point Bravo.' You defeated the defenders and kidnapped some of the natives for information.

Shortly after you left, things started to go horribly wrong on Mole Point Bravo. You went to fend off a Longbow counter-attack and found the base was also under attack by the strange creatures called the 'Rularuu'. You took a final job to get the base commander out of danger so he could evacuate the place, leaving what's left of Mole Point Bravo to the heroes and the monsters of the Shadow Shard.

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