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Kalinda's Second Destined One List

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From the Story Arc "I Can Change the Future!" given by Fortunata Hamilton.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 25-29.

Souvenir's Text

Looking back upon the hardcopy of the Destined One list, you recall a series of jobs you refer to as:

The Miracle River

It all started out after you destroyed all the copies of the original Destined One lists in existence. This forced the Fortunata Kalinda to re-divine the lists for Lord Recluse. If, by some miracle, your name was on it you would know that you truly are something special. While waiting for Kalinda to finish her divinations, you went to Paragon City and fought Sky Dragon, who had some interesting things to say about your Destiny. You were not sure what he was talking about, but he sure seemed to know something.

Word then came down that Kalinda had finished her divination and the list was now on the Arachnos Mainframe. You busted into a facility holding a copy of the list and made a print out for yourself, and noticed that this time, your name was on it, and you didn't put it there!

Feeling kinda invincible at this point (I mean, you were a 'Destined One' and all that), you made your way to Paragon City where you took down Overdrive and gained some rep in the Arachnos organization.

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