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Jewel of Stheno

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From the Story Arc "Snake Fest" given by Operative Grillo.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

This is a jewel taken from the ceremonial garb of the snake-goddess Stheno. You got it from her after a battle you like to call:

Snake Fest

It all started when Operative Grillo told you about some problems on Mercy Island. Kalinda had reported higher than usual Snake activity which resulted in many disappearances. Some of the villains who returned to the Arachnos medlab reported deadly Snakes who were much more powerful than any they'd seen before. You invaded one of the Snake holes where many of the disappearances had occurred and found a number of these new and deadly Snakes.

Grillo feared the recent Snake uprisings were signs of a greater problem, and so wanted you to collect some DNA samples from these Snakes. He sent you to Mongoose on Mercy Island, who tracked down another pit containing these new Snakes. Heading in, you got the DNA samples you needed and took them to Dr. Forrester in Grandville. Dr. Forrester reported the DNA samples from the new Snakes match the earlier Snakes of Mercy Island but are in a purer form, as if from a 'proto-Snake'. The also have a very unstable molecular structure, as if the Snakes had their age artificially accelerated. Forrester mentioned that he hadn't seen such a technique put in place since he had done some consulting at the local Crey labs.

Grillo decided to follow up on Forrester's claims about Crey's involvement on metabolism acceleration. He found that Dr. Wells was heading up the relevant Crey lab and sent you on a mission to kidnap Wells for Arachnos interrogation.

Dr. Wells had some very interesting things to relate. Apparently, a number of the scientists at the metabolism acceleration lab were transferred to a secret project on Mercy Island. However, follow-up with the Crey security chief revealed that there are no sanctioned Crey projects on Mercy Island! It seemed as though there was an elaborate cover-up in place to create this secret lab on Mercy Island using Crey resources. Crey managed to track down the address of a closed-down office on Mercy Island where tech equipment was delivered for this 'secret project'. Further investigation revealed an underground tech lab filled with renegade Crey personnel and run by the Snakes! It looked as though the Snakes used their psychic mesmerism to build this lab and enhance the existing weaker Snakes of Mercy Island to match those of their 'true-born' brethren. Operative Grillo was shocked - he never thought the Snakes had anyone powerful enough to pull this off!

Operative Grillo set Mongoose on trying to find the main lair of this Snake cult on Mercy Island. Meanwhile, he sent you to meet with Terrence Dobbs, the resident professional exterminator of Grandville. While he specialized in Arachnoids, he managed to hook you up with a "Snake-B-Gone" toxic concoction to use against the Snakes.

Mongoose reported back to Grillo with the location of the Snake Lair - right beneath Fort Cerberus on Mercy Island! You went in and found an elaborate Snake temple and hatchery - along with the giant Snake goddess Stheno! After a long and vicious fight with Stheno you managed to defeat her, sending her Children underground once again.

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