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Inert Nictus Fragment

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From the Story Arc "The Nictus Dissection" given by Psimon Omega.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-34.

Souvenir's Text

This is a residual bit of Nictus energies that flows through you from the Warshade known as Romulus. You acquired it in a tale you like to call:

Nictus Dissection

It all started when Psimon Omega sensed some Rikti communication in the sewers beneath one of the islands of Crimson Cove. Their intent was unclear to Psimon, but involved a psi-tech device. Psimon wanted to get hold of this Rikti Tech, and sent you to salvage it. You encountered an assault team of Longbow led by a Warshade known as Romulus, intent on destroying the psi-tech device the Rikti had.

Psimon was furious with Romulus' interference—the hero had apparently caused problems for Psimon in the past. In order to deal with Romulus once and for all, he sent you to deal with an experimental Void Seeker rifle—one that not only was designed to take out Warshades, but to separate the alien and human forms completely!

You attacked Romulus at a Longbow base and after his defeat used the Nictus Rifle to split him in two!

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