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Hub of the Wheel of Destruction

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From the Story Arc "The Wheel of Destruction" given by Dr. Cheng, Piper Irving, Andrea Mitchell, Cain Royce, Josef Keller, or Oliver Haak.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 20-24.

Souvenir's Text

Hub of the Wheel of Destruction

You've kept this small metal cylinder as a reminder of one of your great adventures. It has lost its blood red color and is no longer hot to the touch. The symbol of Kali is the only indication of the potential danger posed by:

The Wheel of Destruction

It all began when you encountered two broken pieces of stone. Each was marked with cryptic runes, and it seemed clear that the two pieces were once one. According to Azuria, they were parts of the Wheel of Destruction, an artifact infused with deadly power.

Disturbed by the awesome power of the Wheel, your contact did some research and located two more pieces. One was in the possession of the Tsoo; the other was being used as an office decor by a wealthy executive. You rescued both pieces, after lengthy battles with the Tsoo and the Banished Pantheon.

You took the pieces to Azuria for safekeeping and analysis, but the Banished Pantheon broke into the MAGI vault and made off with them. Azuria warned you that the Pantheon probably planned to empower the wheel with an arcane ritual. You rushed to their lair, where you defeated the Pantheon and recovered the Wheel of Destruction.

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