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This is a guide for how to be a Paragon Wiki editor. This includes general Wiki editing information and specific Paragon Wiki policy and templates.

Wiki policy

Paragon Wiki policy

General Wiki policy

Editing Wikis

Formatting pages

Using templates and sample Wiki Markup Language

Main article: Help:Templates
See also: Help:Useful Templates

Standardized formatting is maintained throughout Paragon Wiki by the use of sample markup language and templates.

Sample Markup Language

Sample markup language allows for a simple cut-and-paste of formatting code from one page into another and then adding or changing the content to fit the article. This can be done from a blank sample form or by cutting-and-pasting from an existing article.

An example of a blank form that is used for creating a new page for a contact can be found here: Sample contact form.


Templates are specialized pages that define a specific type of formatting style. Editors can then call that template into a page and apply it to their text to make that text take on that pre-defined formatting. Templates are called with the double curly brackets {{ }} .

For example, on Paragon Wiki there are templates for colored fonts. The template for making text red is {{red|SampleText}} which would appear on a page as SampleText.

Creating pages and page name management



Image Editing

GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program) (wiki). Open source, cross platform. Can do most anything Photoshop can (in the right hands). Make sure you install the GTK+ libraries first.

Paint.NET (wiki) is based on the .NET Framework by Microsoft. Some call it what MSPaint should have been.

Obsolete info

  • Store Templates to use so that you don't have to type in the names off all the enhancements a store sells

Older info, may be outdated