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Guns and Money

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From the Story Arc "Guns and Money" given by Warrant.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 1-10.

Souvenir's Text

Guns and Money

Every so often you catch a repeat of your TPN interviews involving the exposure of Claudia Michaels as a member of the Syndicate and a Resistance sympathizer. You think back to one of your earliest adventures which you fondly refer to as:

Guns and Money.

Warrant, one of Marauder's Top Dogs and a fellow member of the Powers Division, informed you that he wanted to help you rise through the Powers Division ranks. To do so, he suggested that you move into the public eye by stopping a Resistance instigated riot down in South Aetna. After stopping the riot, however, you learned that the Resistance had planned the entire thing to distract the PPD from their true target: Novahold Storage in North Aetna.

With no time to lose you raced to Novahold to stop the Resistance Raid, but arrived only in time to corner and question a man by the name of Akimbo. After interrogating him he told you that the Resistance forces planned on using the stolen weapons in an attack on Gravatech Labs.

You got to Gravatech before the Resistance had arrived and got busy setting up the facility so that the coming battle would best serve your own interests. With the security cameras rolling, everyone in Praetoria would soon see the newest rising star in the Powers Division. When the attack came it came in force. Despite their numbers and the carnage inflicted upon the clockwork operating the facility, you managed to take down the Resistance forces and apprehend their leader, a man named Screwdriver. In Screwdriver's possession was a Syfotine Industries data storage device containing data from the Gravatech Labs computers. Never one to turn down a challenge that would make you appear even more praise worthy, you returned to Warrant to cook up a plan on how best to make use of the situation.

Together you decided that having the PPD raid Syfotine Industries and soften up the Resistance inside would be the best course of action, and it worked in spades. Not only did you make short work of the Resistance and Syndicate forces allied inside, but you also got to save quite a few PPD officers, which did a great deal to improve your public image.

With Claudia Michaels, Syfotine's CTO, exposed as a member of the Syndicate and a Resistance sympathizer, you were heralded as a hero of the city and snagged an uninterupted hour of interviews with TPN news personalities. With your status growing, the eyes of Marauder's Top Dogs have turned to you and the promise of even greater power is at your fingertips.

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