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Fragment of Tabula Scutum

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From the Story Arc "Power From the Past" given by Sister Airlia.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-50.

Souvenir's Text

You finger a fragment of Tabula Scutum, a reminder of a little caper you've come to call

Power from the Past

It all started when Sister Airlia hired you to steal an ancient artifact from a shrine in Cimerora. Getting the Tabula Scutum was the easy part; delivering it was another story. You traveled to St. Martial to drop your loot off with Ghost Widow -- only to find she'd been captured by some Longbow operatives who'd gotten the drop on her.

You returned to the past and Cimerora to get your reward only to find some meddling heroes had intercepted the artifact before it could be transported to Ghost Widow's secret lair. It wasn't your problem but Sister Airlia made it well worth your while to revisit the shrine and destroy the Tabula. Satisfying work for satisfying pay.

You aren't sure exactly what the connection between Sister Airlia and Ghost Widow is, but it really doesn't matter. Sister Airlia paid you well for the job, and that was the important thing.

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