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Dust of Clarity

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From the Story Arc "Bound By Blood" given by Ward.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 30-39

Souvenir's Text

Dust of Clarity

A small, unassuming bag of dust that fits easily in the palm of your hand is all that remains of the Animus Arcana known as Clarity. She gave her life, though brief as it may have been, to save the lives of her fellow spells in a story...

Bound By Blood

It began bizarre enough. Ward, the Overspell of the Midnight Mansion's defensive glyphs, had a simple request; return his spell children, the Animus Arcana, to him so they could fulfill their destiny of defending the Mansion as a family. You went searching for the errant Animus Arcana, spells who, through a complicated series of events involving the manifestation of the bizarre realm of Night Ward and Percy Winkley's death, had gained both sentience and life. You found a group of them following a charismatic and wise spell named Clarity, but as it turned out, you weren't the only one looking for them. The Talons of Vengeance had found their way into Night Ward as well and were intent on turning even these sentient magical spells to their cause.

Clarity didn't want to return to Ward, wishing instead to be, for the first time in her existence, free, and many of the Animus Arcana shared her view. Ward, ever the fatherly type, wanted to do right by his children and so sent you to make sure the Talons were no longer a threat to them. You hunted down a group of Talons doing just that and learned that with the harvested spell energy of the Animus Arcana a ritual would soon revive 'the Coven' and 'the Prison' would be opened.

This news meant little to Ward, but after speaking with Montague Castanella, Whispering Coyote, and referencing Tremaine's Book of the Dead you discovered that the Eternal Prison was a place where truly monstrous and wicked beings were kept from the rest of reality. Together, with Nadia, you investigated the final resting place of The Ravenwing Cabal; her and Sorceress Serene's old coven. Nadia feared that the Ravenwing might enable the Talons to find a way to communicate with entities in the Eternal Prison, or worse, free them. You arrive to late to stop the Talons from resurrecting Nadia's sisters, but you learned that they planned to attack the Midnight Mansion and thus remove their last obstacle in breaching the Eternal Prison.

Racing back to the Midnight Mansion you hurried to assemble a defence against the impending Talon assault. During the battle the Ravenwing, lead by Mistress Atella, managed to cast their siren song upon Ward himself, turning him and the Mansion's defenses against you. Only with Clarity's timely arrival and subsequent selfless sacrifice was Ward returned to his proper state of mind and the Talons repulsed from the Mansion. Clarity's sacrifice saved the day ensuring that the Animus Arcana would remain free. Ward gave you the Dust of Clarity as a memento with the knowledge that only by Blood, not Death, can the lure of Vengeance be overcome.

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