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Dr. Geist's Test Tube

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From the Story Arc "Weird Science" given by Doctor Creed.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-9.

Souvenir's Text

Dr. Geist's Test Tube

This is a test tube taken from the lab of Doctor Geist, Arachnos scientist and rival of your contact Doctor Creed. You obtained it in a story you like to call:

Weird Science

It all started when you agreed to field test a new Infected anti-serum. Upon your return Doctor Creed related that he discovered something rather important.

An Arachnos informant had some information on the source of the cesspool contamination which creates the Infected, but the informant had been captured by Longbow before he could relate it. Doctor Creed gave you the location of the warehouse where Longbow was interrogating the informant, and you managed to break him out. The informant was an Arachnos guard at Fort Cerberus, and related how the there was some sort of biochemical project happening in a secret lab theter led by a scientist known as Doctor Geist. Doctor Creed was furious! Geist was a former colleague of Creed who stole Creed's mutation theories for himself! Now Geist sold out to Arachnos while Creed was struggling to survive in the Rogue Isles! Doctor Creed swore vengeance!

Doctor Creed sent you to break into Fort Cerberus to find Doctor Geist! Within the bowels of this Arachnos base you found the secret lab the informant spoke of, where strange experiments were being conducted. You defeated Doctor Geist and stole his research data, discovering how mutant human-spider hybrids called Arachnoids were being studied at the lab after being shipped there from a place known as Grandville. Doctor Creed was overjoyed with the defeat of this rival and the research information gained on the Arachnoids.

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