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Doctor Weber

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Doctor Weber
Doctor Weber.jpg
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-1037, 239, 525)
Level Range 1-7
Introduced By Operative Kuzmin
Introduces Lt. Harris
Enemy Groups V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police
V badge Infected.png Infected
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
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Doctor Weber is a villain contact in the Mercy neighborhood of Mercy Island at coordinates (-1037, 238, 525). His level range is 1-7.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Lt. Harris is a member of Longbow. Or, I should say, a very recent former member of Longbow. He seems to have a very strong desire for vengeance against the group.

I think you would get along quite well with him.

The man seems to be very focused on following this feeling of hatred. I would be careful that his feelings do not suddenly sway into a different direction.

When you're ready to assault Fort Darwin, I shall send some of the prototype Infected your way.


Contract Arachnos Scientist

Doctor Weber is known in the scientific community for ignoring ethics and morals to get what he needs. He has firsthand performed several atrocities in the name of scientific progress.

He has been shunned by most law abiding science groups, but has found temporary employment in Arachnos.

Prior to Introduction

You and I have not met yet, Character. We have nothing to discuss until we can trust each other.

Initial Contact

Hello, Character. My name is Doctor Weber. Operative Kuzmin has briefed me about your work against Longbow.

I believe you and I will get along just fine. I am currently investigating the Infected in Mercy Island. I've reached a point, however, where I could use the help of someone such as yourself.

I can tell you everything, once you're ready. Shall we?

  • Yes, let's begin.


  • Let us give the people of Mercy a higher purpose, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

We're done together, for now, Character. I will be continuing work on my experiments with the Infected. Soon, I'm sure, we shall see the fruits of it.


Story Arc

Higher Purpose

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Infected Syringe

Dr. Weber gave you this syringe filled with some of the chemicals that create the Infected. He requested that you use on any person who might seem like an interesting candidate to study. The syringe reminds you to avoid accidentally sticking yourself with it, along with an experience you call...

Higher Purpose

It all started when you met Dr. Weber in Mercy Island. Weber informed you that he was researching those people who had become Infected and how to leverage the apparent abilities and sickness that it gave them. He asked you to infect several members of the RIP with the virus to see what happened to them. Sure enough, as soon as the chemical was injected into their bodies, they transformed into Infected. However, something was wrong; someone or something was calling out to the Infected, trying to get them to go somewhere.

This news disturbed Weber, who had plans to try to control those who had been infected, with the hopes that you would be the villain who would take charge of them. Weber located a number of these mind-controlled beings and asked you to see what was happening with them. After not-so-politely dealing with the sickened people, you found a gathering of them outside the walls of Mercy. It appeared there was some sort of being who was seen as a leader of the Infected, and he too, was heeding the call, apparently being made by Longbow.

You took down several members of Longbow and discovered a base they had set up, where a heroine by the name of Psi-Lass was using her psychic abilities to call the Infected. Longbow believed that they had a cure for the Infected and were intent on gathering them all together to deliver it. You put a stop to Psi-Lass and Longbow's research into the cure, ensuring that no person would try to stop the Infected from growing.

Dr. Weber informed you that with your help, he would be able to properly continue his research into controlling the Infected and would be able to use them to help you stop Longbow. One thing stuck in your mind from your dealings with Weber. He never saw himself as a villain, as taking advantage of these people. On the contrary, he seemed to believe he was doing the people of Mercy a favor, giving them a higher purpose than whatever role they were currently playing in their life.

Part One: A New Life


I will briefly bring you up to speed. The Infected were created from the waste of experiments performed by Doctor Geist on Arachnoids.

This waste made its way into the sewage system of Mercy. In order to increase the pool of our experiments, I've put the same waste into the water supplies of several buildings and homes here in Mercy, and also in one of the bathrooms of a Rogue Isles Police station.

The results have been promising. The dregs, the poor, the useless of Mercy, have transformed into the Infected! I have given their lives a better purpose, and now, you and I shall take it for ourselves.

  • I still don't see where I fit into this, Weber.

Doctor Weber hands you a syringe filled with chemicals. You will see momentarily. Yet another doctor, Doctor Creed, once created a chemical to kill the Infected.

Thanks to the larger pool of participants, I have created a chemical that can turn people into Infected.

I've put in chemicals that are waiting for a catalyst inside of a keg the RIP were using. You will find the Sick RIP nearby. Use the syringe on them to see if the experiment worked. If so, then we can make ourselves our own Infected army!

You received Infected Syringe.

Temporary InfectedSyringe.png Infected Syringe
This syringe was made by Dr. Weber. Injecting it into the RIP should cause them to go through a horrific transformation!

Unnecessary Solicitation

How is the experiment going, Character?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Infect Sick Rogue Isles Police
    • 0 out of 10 RIP have been infected


V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police


Hrm. So the experiment was a success, but there is an unknown component that is tainting our data. An interesting turn of events, Character, but not unexpected.

The Infected are too promising to leave be. The chemicals from the Arachnoids, if perfected, could instantly give anyone super powers. Even if left unperfected, having control over the Infected could give one an army of followers on demand.

I believe Arachnos will have great use for this, and they would pay me handsomly for this. However... I think you and I would make much better use of these dregs than Arachnos, don't you agree?

Part Two: The Infected Solution


We cannot have someone else controlling these Infected. I suspect it is either a rival scientist or Longbow. If the latter, then we must stop them.

They will seek to try to cure the Infected, to make them normal again. How horrible would that be? To have your life altered, your purpose bettered, only for you to return to your banal existence as some... dreg living in a slum.

We can find who is doing this, Character. It is our duty towards our own destinies and the destinies of these people to do so.

  • Do you have any idea of where to look?

I just might. There are reports of other Infected murmuring about some 'calling' in Mercy City.

I believe the use of brute force is necessary with this. If you can find and defeat enough of them, I will use my devices to try to locate where this supposed 'calling' for them is coming from.

I will send you a message when I've found the location.

Defeat Mesmerized Infected

Unnecessary Solicitation

I have not picked up on their signal yet, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Mesmerized Infected
    • 3 Mesmerized Infected to defeat

You receive a message from Dr. Weber regarding the location of the signal!


V badge Infected.png Infected

Icon clue generic.png
Signal Located
You receive a message from Dr. Weber...

'I've found where a number of the Infected are gathering. I've sent you the coordinates. I would advise doing what you can through non-violent means to see what exactly is going on.'

Go to the location Weber discovered

Unnecessary Solicitation

Remember, Character, try to keep the violent methods to a minimum in this next part.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Go to the location Weber discovered
    • Go to the location of the signal

You found what seems to be a... community of Infected?

Speak with... the leader of the Infected?

Unnecessary Solicitation

Fascinating, they've formed their own community? Is this where the calling is happening?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with... the leader of the Infected?

Contact Small Infected Leader.jpg
Infected Leader


The supposed leader of the Infected looks straight into your eyes.

The Calling. All who have been Infected, gather towards me.

I shall bring you to the Promised Land, where we will find the cure to our condition. Abandon the urge to drink more from the water, focus on my will!

  • (Examine the leader closer)

Upon closer examination, you're able to tell that someone else is controlling this Infected. It seems to be some sort of telepathy!

Whoever is doing this is trying to bring the Infected somewhere to cure them of their condition. There can only be one group who would try such a thing - Longbow!

Longbow. Always getting in the way.


Longbow? Hrmph, they're too short-sighted to see the true miracles that we are working with the Infected. You and I cannot allow this to succeed, Character.

Longbow must be employing a telepath to control the Infected. We must find them and crush them, along with the cure they've created!

Finale: Proper Destiny


The area of Darwin's Landing is crawling with Longbow, Character. I don't believe that this telepath is hiding in their main base of Fort Darwin.

No, they must be close, very close by, in order to have such an effect on the Infected in Mercy City itself.

  • I know the deal. Beat up Longbow, find the obvious evidence for their base.

Good to see that we're on the same page. If Longbow is this close to curing the Infected, they'll be sure to have plenty of their grunts out in force to stop any villains from finding their base.

Unfortunately, they are severely underestimating your abilities, once again. Defeating enough of them will earn us the information we need. And then, with Longbow's outpost here destroyed, the experimentation on the Infected and the people of Mercy Island can continue!

Find Longbow's Hidden Outpost

Unnecessary Solicitation

It's extremely annoying that these Longbow have so many outposts hidden in Mercy already. I almost hope that it is all a clever plan by Arachnos, and not because they are just too stupid to stop Longbow.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find Longbow's Hidden Outpost
    • Defeat 15 Longbow

You found the location of Longbow's secret base!

Icon clue generic.png
Radio Transmission
You overheard a radio transmission while fighting numerous Longbow soldiers in Darwin's Landing...

'This is Psi-Lass, come in! The experiment is ready, everybody back to the cave. We need everyone stationed at the following coordinates. We'll have to fight off Arachnos and any villains that notice all those Infected coming towards us!'

Stop Longbow from Curing the Infected

Unnecessary Solicitation

We can't allow this to happen, Character! Longbow is going to ruin everything!

Mission Objective(s)


There are some odd symbols on these cavern walls, looking to be in the shape of snakes.
Longbow must have cleared out whoever was previously in these caverns in order to set up shop.

  • Stop Longbow from Curing the Infected
    • Get the codes from the Longbow Technician to disable the security system
    • Hack the Security Terminal
    • Enter the main facility
    • Destroy the generator to weaken Psi-Lass
    • Defeat Psi-Lass

You defeated Psi-Lass and stopped Longbow's plan to cure the Infected!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Security Terminal.jpg
Security Terminal


The Longbow security terminal is wide open for your use, thanks to the codes you received.

You'll have to disable this to cut off communication with Fort Darwin.

  • (Disable the database)

You disable the database, cutting off the base's access from Fort Darwin!

  • (Leave)


Good riddance. My experiments on the Infected can properly continue now. However, we are not out of the woods yet.

This Psi-Lass used an emergency teleporter. It must mean that Longbow has rigged the hospital in Fort Darwin for their own use. Character, this means that Longbow can constantly heal their troops with this technology! There is only one option if we are to stop them; there must be an attack on Fort Darwin itself!

I can aid you in this in two ways. I shall continue to work on my experiments in order to deliver to you the most promising specimens to help you take the Fort. And then, there is one more thing I can do, which is introduce you to someone who just might be able to help us in this task.

Let me know when you wish to be introduced to one Lt. Harris.