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Chief Interrogator Washington

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Chief Interrogator Washington
Chief Interrogator Washington.jpg
Chief Interrogator for the Ministry of Intelligence
Zone Nova Praetoria
Coordinates (-5194, 47, 296)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Provost Marchand
Introduces == Level 4-9 ==
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
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Chief Interrogator Washington is a Praetorian contact in the Magisterium neighborhood of Nova Praetoria at coordinates (-5194, 47, 296).  His level range is 1-10. Chief Interrogator Washington is the first contact in the Loyalist Responsibility Storyline.


Contact Introduced By

Level 4

Even though players will not be introduced to him before Level 4, Chief Interrogator Washington will offer missions to anyone who finds him as soon as Level 1.
  • Resistance aligned players will not be introduced to Chief Interrogator Washington, but may take his missions by speaking to him, if at appropriate level.

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

I think you should meet with Cleopatra. You know, Praetor White's girlfriend. Don't let her kind words fool you, she's as dangerous as they come. Sharp, sexy, and driven, just like the queen she was named after.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.


Chief Interrogator for the Ministry of Intelligence

The Chief Interrogator works directly for Praetor Sinclair as the liaison between the Ministry of Intelligence and the PPD. Washington has the mind of a jackal in the body of a gorilla, and enjoys nothing more than ferreting out those who are not loyal to Emperor Cole and bringing them in for an unmonitored round of questioning.

Prior to Introduction


Initial Contact

White told me to be expecting you, Character. He said you had some worth to you. Well, we'll be putting that to the test.

We've got a situation here in Nova Praetoria that we've been keeping hushed up, but my men in the PPD have finally gotten some leads, so now the time is right to call in Powers Division for assistance. Which brings us to you.


  • How can the Chief Interrogator help you today?
  • Is there something you'd like to talk about?

Too Busy

We've got an important case we're working here, Character. I need to be able to count on you to focus if we're going to be working it together. Finish up whatever other tasks you may have and come back to me when your head is clear.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

With Monroe and Swift in custody it will only be a matter of time before they crack. Until that time, however, I'm going to be rather busy. It's been a pleasure working this case with you, Character. If... No, I mispoke. When I learn anything new I'll let you know.


Story Arc

Hit List

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 1 Reward Merit.


The Hit List

A pair of expensive and tasteful business cards from Mr. Charles Monroe, CEO of Syfotine Industries and Mrs. Erica Swift, CEO and Founder of Swift Microcomms, reminds you of a nasty affair you've come to remember simply as:

The Hit List

Chief Interrogator Washington recruited you to aid him in looking into a recent string of murders involving powerful corporate CEOs throughout Nova Praetoria. The seers clued you into a disturbance at the Karpo Corporation where you fought off Syndicate gangers and arrested Sigg Bowman, a Syndicate hitman. Unfortunately, Bowman had already assassinated his target, the CEO of Karpo Corporation, Danielle Fields. While Washington was sure that questioning Mr. Bowman would be fruitful, the revelation that Bowman's smart phone contained his hit list was of much greater importance.

Using Bowman's hit list you arrived at Syfotine Industries just as a full fledged shoot out began between apparently rival Syndicate gangs. You rescued Charles Monroe from his Syndicate captors and brought him in for questioning and his own protection. According to Monroe, Erica Swift, his industry rival and CEO of Swift Microcomms, has connections with the Syndicate, and it was by her orders that the hit team was sent.

The Chief Interrogator accompanied you to arrest and question Mrs. Swift who had surrounded herself with Syndicate bodyguards and herself displayed unregistered psychic powers. Apprehended, Mrs. Swift quickly confessed her invovlement with the Syndicate, but also that Charles Monroe was more than just her industry rival, he was her Syndicate rival as well. Monroe had recently left police protection and returned to his office, most likely to destroy evidence and leave town.

Storming Syfotine Industries you confronted Monroe and his loyal Syndicate muscle. Once beaten he explained that a full fledged power struggle was unfolding within the Syndicate ranks. This revelation revealed that the CEOs being murdered were all casualties of a war amongst Praetoria's criminal underground, and consequently, the industrial elite. But the cause for the war is something that neither Monroe nor Swift appeared to be willing to discuss with the Chief Interrogator, yet.

Part One: Serial Killings


Character. Over the last few days Corporate CEOs have been winding up dead. Lots of them. Near as we can tell, these are assassinations, though we have no idea who will be next.

Thanks to the unique murder method; a mono-wire garrote, we know that the assassin is Sigg Bowman, a Syndicate hitman.

We've had the seers scanning for unusual activity, and we think we've got something. That's where you come in. I need you to check this out for me.

  • Check out unusual activity

The seers detected heightened anxiety levels within the Karpo Corporation and our attempts to make contact with anyone inside the building have failed. This stinks of Bowman's M.O.

I'm sending you over there to find the CEO, Ms. Danielle Fields, and get her safely into PPD custody.

We need answers, not more dead bodies.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care off we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_01_01

You hear the squawk of a portable transmitter and the soft patter of boots hustling over carpet. Someone knows you are here.

  • Investigate The Karpo Corporation
    • Find Ms. Fields
  • Stop Sigg Bowman

You couldn't prevent Sigg Bowman from assassinating his target, but you did bring him down for questioning.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

  • Danielle Fields (NPC, Deceased)
Ms. Fields is unconscious on the ground, and not moving.
Sigg Bowman has made a name for himself among the underworld as a brutal and efficient hitman. Whoever hired him to kill Fields and the others has deep pockets.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At the mission entrance you will be ambushed by a group of Syndicate thugs
Icon clue generic.png
It's Hot
A welcome wagon of Syndicate go-gangers tells you that this place is hot. Time to find Ms. Fields and get her out of here alive.
Contact Small Danielle Fields.jpg
Danielle Fields


You find Danielle Fields unconscious on the ground.

  • Check her vital signs (A)
You roll Ms. Fields over to check her vitals and see that her throat has been cut by a mono-wire garrote.
  • Close her eyes and search for the killer.
  • Ask her if she is ok
There is no answer.
  • Check her vital signs
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)

Unnecessary Solicitation

Ms. Fields is dead.

  • Leave

Icon clue generic.png
Fields is Dead
Unfortunately it looks like Fields was already murdered before you even arrived. Sigg Bowman, the Syndicate hitman, might still be in the building, given that the Syndicate are still hanging around apparently defending the place.
Icon clue generic.png
Sigg Bowman
Sigg Bowman is a name well known in the Syndicate underworld. As a high priced hitman, Sigg has always delivered good on his contracts. His calling card is assassination by a mono-wire garrote, an outlawed piece of hardware that uses a mono-filament wire to cut through flesh, bone, and even body armor.

It appears that someone in the Syndicate hired Sigg to execute Ms. Danielle Fields, CEO of The Karpo Corporation, and the other murder victims. Whatever their motives were most likely died with Ms. Fields, but Washington might be able to get some answers out of this scumbag.

Icon clue generic.png
Smart Phone
You picked up Sigg's smart phone. From the look of it there are no recent calls in memory. He either erased it, or had it on him for some other purpose.


I'll begin questioning Mr. Bowman shortly. Until then I notice that you have his smart phone, may I see it a moment?

No calls, no numbers, interesting... Ah ha... very clever.

Mr. Bowman has an application that lists establishments he has checked into recently... a popular pastime amongst citizens. Do you notice anything about the list?

Look at the numbers next to each location. Most of them are restaurants with several visits each, but a handful are the addresses for a number of office buildings around the city. Only one of them has one visit, while the ones with two... those are the ones who have recently had their CEOs assassinated.

I believe we've found Sigg Bowman's hit list.

I think we're working out well together, Character. Let's make sure things stay that way.

Part Two: High Value Target


There's only one person left on Bowman's hit list, Character. Charles Monroe, the CEO of Syfotine Industries. We're not waiting for the seers to report a disturbance, I want you to go in and bring him into our custody now, for his own protection.

  • Bring Monroe into custody

Remember, just because the seers haven't detected any disturbances doesn't mean that there isn't a danger. If anything changes the seers will alert you.

Get in there and bring Monroe out. Don't accept any resistance on the matter.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Syfotine Industries is located in South Aetna. The seers still haven't detected any disturbances, but if the Syndicate are behind these killings, I suspect we won't until it's too late.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_01_03

Everything seems quiet.

  • Bring Monroe into custody
    • Rescue Monroe!
    • Lead Monroe out!

You brought Charles Monroe safely into PPD custody and soundly defeated the Syndicate hit squads sent to kill him.
Return to Chief Interrogator Washington for debriefing.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

  • Charles Monroe (NPC Hostage, must be escorted to the exit)
This citizen is obviously an influential businessman.

After defeating the first mobs:

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After rescuing Charles Monroe, there will be three waves of Syndicate ambushes.

Blade Initiate: Find Monroe!

Icon clue generic.png
Charles Monroe
Charles Monroe is the CEO of Syfotline Industries and an upstanding citizen. He has agreed to cooperate fully with the authorities in tracking down who is behind the attempt not only on his life, but the murders of over half a dozen of Praetoria's corporate and social elite.


Charles Monroe has just entered PPD Headquarters. I spoke with him briefly while he was enroute and it appears that one of his corporate rivals may be responsible for proposing a bounty on Monroe's head to the Syndicate in order to eliminate their competition.

I suppose that is one method to achieve a hostile take over.

As for the Syndicate fighting amongst one another, it's likely that there is competition for the bounty. Either that or someone in the Syndicate doesn't want Monroe dead, which could be very interesting.

Part Three: Corporate Rivalry


Charles Monroe has indicated that Erica Swift, the CEO of Swift Microcomms, is most likely behind the attempt on his life.

From what I know of Mrs. Swift, she doesn't seem like the type to hire Syndicate to kill a corporate rival, but then again, the Syndicate are notoriously difficult to spot without serious investigation.

I want you to accompany me as I pay Mrs. Swift a little visit.

  • Accompany Washington

I have a sense of these things, Character. Mrs. Swift's background is too clean, and that means she's hiding something.

Just follow my lead and we'll have her singing in no time.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Make your way over to Swift Microcomms, I'll meet you there.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_03_02

Nothing seems too out of the ordinary here, though, arriving with the Chief Interrogator certainly has caught everyone's attention.

  • Question Mrs. Swift
    • Arrest Erica Swift

You arrested Erica Swift, CEO of Swift Telecommunications and secret member of the Syndicate.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

  • Chief Interrogator Washington, (NPC Ally)
Washington is a man that only those who seek to harm the safety of Praetoria should fear. Those who do fear him make sure to avoid him at all cost, due to Washington's animal-like instincts and ruthless fighting style.
Erica Swift is the CEO of Swift Microcomms, a telecommunication company that has done very well for itself in the wake of the Hamidon Wars and the Rebuilding. It would seem that some of some of Mrs. Swift's success comes from her association with the Syndicate, and the mental powers she has learned from their mysterious leaders.
Trent Stevens is Mrs. Swift's personal bodyguard, though it is clear now that he and the rest of the muscle in her employ are actually Syndicate killers.
Icon clue generic.png
Chief Interrogator Washington
The Chief Interrogator rarely does field work anymore, so when he makes an appearance people stand up and take notice. It also helps that the man is probably the next most intimidating thing to Praetor White, just beating out a great white shark.
Chief Interrogator Washington

Icon clue generic.png
Erica Swift
Erica Swift, CEO and Founder of Swift Microcomms, sinister Syndicate underboss and unregistered psychic. Even looking at her now you have a hard time imagining that this woman is a member of that secret society which seeks to undermine the authority of Emperor Cole and control the people of Praetoria from the shadows.


Mrs. Swift is in custody and the entire building is on lockdown as we investigate everyone for connections to the Syndicate.

We're getting some disturbing reports, but I'll get to those in a moment.

You did well in there, Character, I can see why Michael put in a good word for you with me.

Finale: Wolf in a Wool Suit


Mrs. Swift has taken her interrogation very well, she's already provided me with some intriguing information, namely that she isn't the only member of the Syndicate in this curious case.

It appears that Charles Monroe and every other CEO on Mr. Bowman's hit list were high ranking Syndicate members, and it just so happens that Mr. Monroe has returned to his office, no doubt to destroy any and all evidence of his involvement. I need you to stop him.

  • Stop Monroe

This isn't some corporate scandal we've stumbled onto, Character, this is a Syndicate gang war unfolding right under our noses.

Something's happened in the Syndicate and the blood is spilling into the streets. We need to put a stop to it, but in order to do that, we need to bring Monroe back into custody, or you can be sure that another hit will be ordered and that will endanger innocent lives.

Players who originally chose Resistance now have the opportunity to call up Calvin Scott to inform him of current events. Messages such as this will appear in missions where this is possible. If you originally did not choose to be in the Resistance, you can not do undercover Resistance work in Loyalist missions; you can do undercover work against the Resistance in their missions. Players who change their faction can still do undercover work for the side they originally chose.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to hurry. Monroe could be destroying critical evidence or may even be planning to leave the city.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_02_03

It looks like Monroe has left a welcoming party just in case you showed up.

  • Bring Down Charles Monroe
    • Arrest Monroe

You arrested Charles Monroe, a powerful member of the Syndicate. Return to Chief Interrogator Washington for debriefing.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Charles Monroe is the CEO of Syfotine Industries, but he is much more than that, he's also a powerful member of the shadowy criminal organization known only as the Syndicate. With his secret affiliations revealed, Monroe has no need to hide his powerful psychic abilities any longer.
Contact Small Charles Monroe.jpg
Charles Monroe


Character, I apologize for my deception... you must think me a wolf in sheep's clothing...

  • You are a monster, Monroe
I'm not a monster. I'll prove it to you. Allow me to show you what the Syndicate is really about.
  • They're about money, pure and simple. (A)
We are about money, and there is no good reason why some of that can't be yours.
  • I'm listening...
Every man / woman has his / her price. Whatever you want, it's yours. Now let's put this ugly little event behind us.
  • Agreed. It has been good doing business with you.
Then we're in agreement.
  • End discussion
  • You can't bribe me, Monroe. I'm taking you down.
So be it.
  • Fight
  • I don't need you to show me that they are society's worst.
Not the worst of society, Character, we are its best. I think you would fit in nicely with us up here at the top.
  • You want me to join you? (B)
Think of the power, Character. By joining us your every need will be satisfied. Your dreams, your desires - fulfilled!
Together we can shape the world to our liking rather than cater to others too impotent to pursue their own dreams.
  • ... I'm in. Let's get you out of here.
Then we're in agreement.
  • End discussion
  • You're a madman drunk on delusions of his power.
So be it.
  • Fight
  • I'll never join you.
So be it.
  • Fight
  • Not a wolf, just a common criminal in an expensive suit.
I AM just a common man in an expensive suit, Character, but my status as a criminal remains solely in your hands.
  • What're you getting at?
We are at a crossroads, my friend / dear. You can arrest me, or you can join with me!
Think of it, man / lass, what we could accomplish together with my wealth and your power!
  • I have to admit, that has a certain allure to it. I accept.
Then we're in agreement.
  • End discussion
  • Join you? You're insane! I'm taking you in!
So be it.
  • Fight
  • You're as much a wolf as any other man
We are all wolves, aren't we? Struggling to survive.
I knew there was something different about you.
  • It's no secret that every man has a price.
Wise words, Character. We do all have a price, so what's yours?
  • Power.
Ah yes, Power... You will have that and more. Join the Syndicate, Character, we could use someone like you.
  • You want me to join you?
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (B)
  • Power for myself, Monroe, not for any other. You're going down.
So be it.
  • Fight
  • Money.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)
  • Something you don't have to offer, Monroe - Loyalty.
So be it.
  • Fight
  • You're right, I am different. I can't be bought and sold.
So be it.
  • Fight

If you're working for the Resistance

  • (Explain Calvin Scott's plan to Monroe)
Most interesting, Character. This is a possibility that I had not calculated.
  • Calculate it after you are taken into custody...
After I am in custody?
Surely you jest, my boy / dear. Why would I willingly enter custody at all when I am already about to make my escape. Assuming of course you don't impede my egress.
  • I can't let you go. I have to uphold my cover with Washington.
I can respect your need to maintain an illusion of trust with the Chief Interrogator. But I am uncertain that I can trust you enough to subject myself to that madman's methods of persuasion.
What guarantee do I have that your friends will come for me?
  • Telling Washington of my affiliation would mean the doom of me.
Very true.
Well, seeing as how you won't let me leave and my defeat is possible, I aquiesce to your demands.
  • Good. So you'll come along quietly?
Oh, I never said that.
  • Fight

Icon clue generic.png
Charles Monroe, Syndicate Suit
Charles Monroe may have gotten away with his ruse long enough to escape death at the hands of his Syndicate rivals, but it wasn't long before you uncovered the truth and you faced down the Syndicate mastermind whose life you'd saved.


Amazing work my friend. You've managed to cage two high ranking members of the Syndicate.

Unfortunately there is still a burning question, and one which I fear may take time to learn the answer to. What has caused The Syndicate to turn on itself?

I trust that Mr. Monroe and Mrs. Swift will provide the answers in time, until then, I believe the bloodshed may have only just begun.

There aren't a lot of people I can trust, Character. Oh, it's as much a personal thing as a symptom of the job. You, however, I feel like I trust.