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Cerulean's Spirit Guard

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From the Story Arc "A Woman's Scorn" given by Cerulean.

Souvenir's Text

Cerulean's Spirit Guard

Cerulean gave you this stone, etched with spidery writing, as a ward to protect your soul from Diabolique. As it turns out, she was the one who would need its protections from

A Woman's Scorn

It all began with Blind Makwa's spirit sight being stolen. Cerulean, the de facto leader of the Carnival of War, had a theory. He believed that Diabolique, his old student, was the witch responsible for not only stealing Blind Makwa's spirit sight, but also for the Apparitions attacking the people of First Ward. With your presence he decided that summoning a shadow of her power and interrogating her was the best choice in order to put an end to this evil. The reunion between master and apprentice, however, was not pleasant. In a display of her tremendous power, Diabolique broke free of the magical wardings and attacked. Though you drove her off she offered you an invitation to speak with her, cordially, at the top of the Westerman Building in the center of the Sunken City.

When you arrived atop the building Diabolique seemed amused at Cerulean's allegations that she was behind the Apparitions and their attacks. She resolved to show you exactly what the Apparitions were and who was truly behind their anguish fueled rampage. You entered the memories of an Apparition where you witnessed it's origin; the Apparitions were created by Mother Mayhem during the process of transforming a psychic into a Seer. With this information you asked for Katie Douglas's help in infiltrating the Asylum and getting hard evidence to use against Mother Mayhem. You returned to Diabolique with the evidence where she informed you that there was more to it than just Mayhem's meddling. Her curiosity was focused on a magic spell cleverly woven into each Apparition, a magic spell that was familiar to her, somehow. You presented the evidence to Cerulean and he was horrified and concerned that Diabolique had discovered something more powerful than herself at work in First Ward.

Cerulean stressed the importance of aiding Diabolique and then was overcome with a wave of distress. The magic on the Apparitions was activating and Diabolique was in grave danger. As you raced to Diabolique's rescue she was met by an old adversary of hers; Sorceress Serene. Serene revealed that she was the one behind the spell on the Apparitions and that Diabolique had fallen into her carefully prepared trap. Serene captured Diabolique and then revealed that this was just the first step in her plan for revenge, revenge, it would seem, that was backed up by a group of monstrous women known only as the Talons of Vengeance.

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