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Cerulean's Chilling Gaze

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From the Story Arc "Revenge: Serve Chilled" given by Master Midnight.

Souvenir's Text

Cerulean's Chilling Gaze

Whenever you think of Cerulean you can't help but remember his chilling blue eyes. They spoke volumes of the man and his sordid and tragic past reminding you of the old adage about a certain dish and how it is best served...

Revenge: Serve Chilled

In reality, this all began years ago, when Master Midnight betrayed the Midnighters and set Cerulean off on his quest for revenge. With the events unfolding as they were in First Ward, however, it seemed prudent to put aside differences and form an alliance against the Talons of Vengeance. But Cerulean would have none of that. He opted to show you just how powerful the Carnival of War really was, and that Midnight's offer for assistance was really a plea for help, but when you arrived the Talons of Vengeance had already struck and had the Carnival of War against the ropes. Though you managed to rescue some of the Carnival, casualties were high. Cerulean, however, remained adamant about refusing to work with Master Midnight and so you went to Vanessa DeVore to secure an alliance between her Carnival of Light and Master Midnight. She agreed, citing that Cerulean's thirst for revenge was dangerous, especially now with the Talons of Vengeance on the loose.

Master Midnight was pleased to find willing allies in Vanessa's Carnival, but that demeanor was soon shattered when, upon returning to his Midnight Mansion, you found Cerulean and his Carnival of War ransacking the place. Though the Carnival of War retreated in earnest, the damage was already done. Cerulean had stolen the Chronicles of Doom; the one source of information about the Talons of Vengeance and now the alliance was strained.

Midnight demanded that Cerulean be brought under control as his pettiness was risking everything and then resigned himself to trying to unlock the secrets of Cerulean's transportation spell. As a gesture of good faith, Midnight gifted you with an old witch's spell book that spoke of an ancient series of caves that the witches used in their rituals, in addition it contained a spell that might be the secret to restoring Blind Makwa's spirit sight. Visiting the old medicine man and informing him of Serene's return prompted him to have you warn Nadia of her old coven-sister's return and that she was likely in grave danger. As Blind Makwa predicted, the Talons attempted to kill Nadia, but your warning saved her life.

Returning to Midnight he informed you that he had succeeded in discovering how Cerulean's gateway worked. You went through to pursue Cerulean in the secret underground tunnels he and the Carnival of War were using as a base of operations, but when you arrived it was already too late. Cerulean and his followers had succumb to the siren song of the Talons of Vengeance and given in to their thirst for revenge. The Carnival of Vengeance, as they called themselves, had lost all sense of identity and fought to the bitter end. Ultimately you faced Cerulean, who had vowed to serve Sorceress Serene in exchange for vengeance being called down upon Master Midnight and had to defeat him. In his final moments, his eyes, burning red with hate had faded back to blue. But in them you no longer saw cold vengeance, but rather the still serenity that only death can bring.

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