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Burned out Spirit Trap

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From the Story Arc "The Secret of the Circle" given by Magus Mu'Drakhan .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 35-39.

Souvenir's Text

Though this Spirit Trap is burned out and useless, it once held the demon queen Lilitu, who had been summoned to finish an ancient contract at the center of:

The Secret of the Circle

Magus Mu'Drakhan set a great task before you, to rescue a Mu Mystic who had recently been captured by the Circle of Thorns along with some other seemingly random people. Mu'Drakhan was concerned that this was somehow tied into a large ritual that the Circle had just completed. You found the Mu Mystic, and discovered that Mu'Drakhan was right. The Circle's victims all had some trace of Mu blood, and were probably chosen for that reason. Unfortunately, a Circle mage spat a curse upon you, linking your fate to the fate of the Mu, and the success of a being called 'Lilitu.' Mu'Drakhan seems to think that it was real, but was more interested in confirming what you'd found out.

Mu'Drakhan had heard about a strange book that could trace a person's family history with a single drop of blood. It was in the hands of Longbow, and was in the Isles to be loaned to the Legacy Chain. In the process of stealing the book, you discovered that it had been brought here by Infernal, who wanted it for his own investigation into Lilitu and what the Circle was up to.

Mu'Drakhan was able to locate Infernal, and sent you to confront him, hoping that you would be able to force some information from him about Lilitu and the Circle's plan. You entered an abandoned part of the Mu ruins and battled Infernal. You learned some strange facts about the Origins of Mu, including that the ancient war between the Oranbegans and the Mu wasn't completely over. Apparently the Oranbegans had made a deal with the demons back then, a deal for the absolute destruction of the Mu. But they felt pity and stopped, and were punished for it somehow. More importantly, the demoness Lilitu was one of the chief enforcers of this bargain. Mu'Drakhan was worried that the modern Circle of Thorns might plan to complete the bargain somehow.

Mu'Drakhan had learned the location of two more captured Mu Mystics, and sent you to retrieve them. One was alive when you found him, but the other was nothing more than a disembodied soul held captive in a crystal. Their horrible stories told a terrible secret about the Circle of Thorns. The Circle are not a cult that worships the ancient Oranbegans, but that they actually are the ancient wizards who could remove a soul from its body and then possess the empty shell, wearing it like a suit of clothes. And bodies with strong Mu bloodlines allowed them to channel more mystic power. Mu'Drakhan was shocked to discover this horror, but assured you he would press on and hopefully get your curse lifted in the process. An important clue came from the disembodied Mu Mystic, who told you that he'd encountered the disembodied spirit of an ancient Mu who might have more information.

You recovered the imprisoned soul of the ancient Mu Wizard and learned that the Circle was planning to complete their ancient pact with the demons of the netherworld. They plan to destroy all of the descendants of Mu and regain their bodies. Fortunately, you also learned that Lilitu and Infernal had fought, leaving her weak. This would be the time to strike.

The battle against Lilitu is done, and she is now imprisoned within a Spirit Trap, to be studied by the Mystics of Mu. A fitting fate. According to Mu'Drakhan, her defeat should have also broken the curse on you. You're still not sure you believe in that, but it at least shows he fears you power enough to seek a way to coerce you into action. You just have to wonder if Mu'Drakhan will be able to contain Lilitu's power. Not that it's your problem anymore. In many ways, they probably deserve each other.

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