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Broken Freedom Corp Badge

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From the Story Arc "Killer Instinct" given by Captain Mako .
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40-44.

Souvenir's Text

This is a Broken Freedom Corp, taken from the renowned Longbow Agent McKnight in a story you like to call:

Killer Instinct

It all started when Captain Mako told you to head over to Paragon City to rescue a couple of Arachnos operatives before their compromised Arachnos base became totally overrun. You did what you could to rescue the Arachnos operatives and take out the Longbow raid leader.

Captain Mako wouldn't stand for having one of their Paragon City Arachnos bases compromised, and related that this was the third hidden Arachnos base this week which was uncovered. He sent you to attack the Longbow base where the raid was staged from to find out who was behind these attacks on hidden Arachnos bases. There you found an operations file pointing to a Longbow Agent McKnight.

Mako wanted to find more information on Agent McKnight, and so sent you to get the info from Arbiter Daos. Unforunately, Daos had sent out Arachnos attack squads to imprison you for 'crimes against Arachnos'. Returning to Mako, you learned Agent McKnight had sent falsified Arachnos reports to Arbiter Daos in retaliation for your attack on the Longbow base! Mako became very eager to get hold of McKnight.

Arachnos managed to track McKnight's escape to an offshore underwater Longbow base. Mako authorized you to give chase and clear out the base. In the end, the Longbow agents managed to tie you up enough for McKnight to escape in a mini-sub.

Arachnos tracked the mini-sub to Sharkhead where McKnight attempted to hire protection and book passage to Paragon City. Mako sent you to take down a Family cargo ship meant to smuggle him to the mainland and deal with McKnight's mercenaries. It turned out McKnight hired the Knives of Artemis to protect him from Arachnos!

At the docks, you waited for McKnight's arrival. McKnight showed up to take the ship to the mainland with his Knives of Artemis escort, and you fought through them to get at your prey. There, you fought McKnight in the same spot where Captain Mako took down Scrapyard!

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