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Broken Assassin Visor

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From the Story Arc "Burden of the Past" given by Heather Townshend.
This Souvenir is restricted to level 50.

Souvenir's Text

Broken Assassin Visor

You recovered the visor of a member of the Knives of Artemis. They must have tossed it off while trying to fight against the Knives of Vengeance. It reminds you of an experience called...

Burden of the Past

You found yourself within Dark Astoria, which was now transformed into an even more nightmarish planescape. You discovered that the Knives of Artemis had been transformed into a monstrous group called the Knives of Vengeance and were now wreaking havoc in the area.

You worked with a woman named Heather Townshend to find out more information about the Knives of Vengeance and what they were about, while also encountering other groups who were at play withn the cursed city, namely the Tsoo and Arachnos.

In the end, you were faced with a situation of trying to save Sigil and Kadabra Kill. Did you choose to save them, or were their lives not part of your plan of discovering what was at stake within Dark Astoria?

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