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An Inscribed Crystal

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From the Story Arc "An Absence of Shadows" given by Shadowstar.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 5-10.

Souvenir's Text

An inscribed crystal

This strangely inscribed crystal was once used by the Circle of Thorns to hold the Kheldian half of a Warshade they abducted in the case called:

An Absence of Shadows

At the behest of Shadowstar, you set out to search for a fellow Warshade named Shadowcatcher who had gone missing while trying to foil a kidnapping by the Outcasts. You rescued the kidnapping victim, a man called Henry Meyers, who told you that Shadowcatcher had been struck down with bright beams of light from unknown attackers. This testimony seemed to implicate the Peacebringers.

With this information, you confronted Sunstorm, the leader of the Peacebringers. He denied any Peacebringer involvement, and told you that the Outcasts had kidnapped Henry Meyers on behalf of someone else. You defeated the Outcast boss Broken Claw, who told you that the Outcasts had been hired to kidnap Henry Meyers again to set up another Warshade for capture.

You walked into the old warehouse knowing that it was a trap, and discovered the truth: Henry Meyers was actually an acolyte of the Circle of Thorns! You defeated him, and found the location where more Circle acolytes waited to trade the Outcasts mystic artifacts for a captured Warshade.

You found many things in the caverns where the Circle of Thorns waited with the Outcasts' payment for helping to capture Warshades, but the most important was that the Circle's plan was to study captive Kheldians to improve their own possession techniques. They had picked the Warshades figuring that no one would miss them. The one thing you didn't find was a clue to Shadowcatcher's location. Things looked grim.

Sunstorm asked to speak with you again, you assumed to demand an apology now that the real abductors had been found. In fact, one of Sunstorm's contacts had seen the circle with someone who looked like Shadowcatcher. You checked it out, and managed to rescue Lars Mendelson, the human part of Shadowcatcher. The Circle had separated him from Altered Umbra, the Kheldian half of Shadowcatcher, and now holds it in the lost city of Oranbega.

You stormed the ruins of the Circle's lost city, defeating the researcher in charge of their Kheldian project and rescued Altered Umbra, the Kheldian half of Shadowcatcher.

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