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An Ancient Urn

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From the Story Arc "Politics, Cimeroran Style" given by Sister Airlia.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

This urn brings back memories of the caper you like to call:

Politics, Cimeroran Style

Sister Airlia enlisted your help to rearrange the power structure in Cimerora. First you visited the Rikti War Zone to enlist a Fortunata to come back to Cimerora with you and go into deep cover as a Sybil. Then you arranged for one of Imperious' Captains to disappear, weakening the military influence. A political restructuring wouldn't be complete without the chance to bribe a politician, and you had a chance to do just that when you arranged with Darrin Wade to recover Senator Aquila's family sword from the future and then used it to subvert him to Sister Airlia's cause. Finally you had the chance to deal with Imperious himself. You earned his gratitude by being the hero of a large battle and then handed him an enchanted urn that was designed to ensorcel him and make him pliable to Sister Airlia's advice. Sister Airlia is now well-positioned to influence matters in Cimerora, making her a handy person to know.

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