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Adam in Waiting Badge

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You've obtained this Accolade by earning every Exploration badge within Eden.

Merit Reward

Upon acquiring this badge, a character will earn 5 Reward Merits.

How to Get

Earn the following badges:

Badge tourism hazard.png  Call of Nature Badge   Exploration   Eden (-3026, 3, 3262)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Crey Fish Badge   Exploration   Eden (-1787, 0, 4550)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Hive Mind Badge   Exploration   Eden (1622, 130, 3609)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Natural Law Badge   Exploration   Eden (-309, -35, 3891)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Natural Selection Badge   Exploration   Eden (3132, 153, 4527)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Nature's Wrath Badge   Exploration   Eden (-1963, 55, 3257)
Badge tourism hazard.png  The Devouring Earth Abides Badge   Exploration   Eden (-357, 0, 2789)
Badge tourism hazard.png  Unspoiled Badge   Exploration   Eden (2482, 34, 2350)


  • The Adam in Waiting badge is awarded to male characters. The same badge on female characters is called Eve in Waiting.

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