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A page from a 3-ring binder

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From the Story Arc "Von Grun's Lament" given by Vernon von Grun.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 45-50.

Souvenir's Text

This page from a 3-ring binder is a bitter reminder of just how quickly one oversight can make even the most crazed plans of the maddest mad scientist go awry. The few words on this page, a reminder to eliminate hero interference that was lost in the shuffle, is a bittersweet reminder of the exploit you recall as:

Von Grun's Lament

After all that you'd done to help him would-be mad scientist Vernon von Grun finally confided his master plan to you. Vernon wanted the research and items you got for him so that he could build a device which would drive the Devouring Earth into an expansionistic frenzy, causing them to over-run and destroy Paragon City, then die off. But Vernon still needed your help to pull it off. The first thing he asked you to do was destroy some of the hive spires in Eden that the Hamidon uses to monitor and control it's Devouring Earth progeny. With the Hamidon blinded, you could continue without interference.

Then you took the completed growth bombs and set them down in Eden, while you were chased by the strange beasts of the Devouring Earth the entire time.

But then, nothing happened. That's when Vernon found a reference to a hero called Woodsman who might be able to stop his plans. Though Woodsman himself had perished, his spirit lived on, and could interfere with Vernon's devices. You fought the spirit of the wood, discorporating it. The growth bombs went off, but still nothing happened.

Vernon was left in a pit of the deepest despair at this failure. Would he be able to recover? Would he once more marshal his maniacal mind to malevolent movement? And could you help this young mad lab assistant finally reach the rank of full-blown mad scientist? When you tucked away this memento, those were all questions you could not answer.

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