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A Poster With Your Image

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From Who Will Die: Episode 6: The Last Piece given by Specialist Greer.
This Souvenir is restricted to the level range of 40 to 50.

Souvenir's Text

A Poster With Your Image

An artist sent you a poster with a stylized picture of you on the front. Beneath it are the words, 'HOPE'. This poster has been going around the internet after the initial panic that occurred from the news that Darrin Wade killed Sister Psyche. This act was an event you call...

The Last Piece

You knew that Wade intended to merge with Rularuu, but you didn't know how. He set everything up so that Sister Psyche would die, and that he would gain her powers. With this, you have the final piece of Wade's puzzle. He intends to use Statesman's incredible willpower and strength, along with Sister Psyche's mind ride ability, to actually take over Rularuu's shattered mind.

Wade may think he is going to win, given the perception that he led you along all of this time. However, he's continually failed at one major task: killing you. Other heroes have fallen, but you've continued to push on, showing Wade that there still exists someone who his plans can't control.

Wherever Wade is now, you can be sure he's planning on two things: how to join with Rularuu, and how to put an end to your existence. A lesser person would be scared of this, but you know that all this means is that you're the last weakness Wade has in his armor. When the time comes, you're going to put an end to Wade's mad scheme and show the world that true heroes still do exist, and that they're here to protect the people from monsters like Darrin Wade.

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